I have a friend, Trey, that has a huge beautiful big black cock I get to ride on a regular basis. I love it when we get to play together but we both have pretty busy schedules. He works full-time and is a group that call themselves “Band of Brothers”.  It is a private, elite group of about a dozen big dicked black men very active in the local sex culture. They get invited to swinging events, BDSM events and private gang bangs, the are pretty popular in the local underground sex scene! After our last boning session, we laid exhausted on the bed catching up (fucking comes first, talking later). Trey was telling me about his last gang bang party a cuckold husband thew for his wife’s 40th. I would love to be double stuffed. The picture he painted of huge dark cocks slipping and sliding everywhere on this woman’s body while he husband watched and spanked it got me all hot and bothered again. I had to ride his cock while he told me all about it. He then asked me if I wanted him to throw me a gang bang. I thought about it and said “Yes, for next birthday I would give me something to look forward to! But can I get a taste until then?” He agreed and I had not thought about it since.

Last night, Trey texted me wondering what I was up to. He was out for a beer with his friend, Jamal. I guess I had come up in conversation. Trey was telling him how tasty and sweet fucking me was and Jamal wanted to have a taste of me as well. I jumped at the chance to be double stuffed with both Trey and Jamal; and the big black cocks they were packing.

When they arrived, Trey was his usual sexy self, but Jamal was a new tasty treat! As soon as I greeted him and leaned in to hug him, he began working his luscious juicy mouth on my neck, DAMN my panties more than dampened and the boy was ready to rock and roll.  He moved that moist mouth right down my neck and started pushing my tank top down to put big sloppy kisses on my big tits. Trey watched with a huge grin, knowing I was getting just what I wanted.

In between sucks and kisses, he said, “My boy did not tell me you were so fine, we are gonna have some fun with this body!” I nervously giggled, but took off my tank to invite more attention. “Don’t stop there girl, I want to see that pussy Trey likes dipping his dick in, ” he taunted. I gave him a devilish grin and began walking backward to the bedroom slowly, seductively stripping on the way.

Both men followed eagerly, Jamal began stripping off clothes too. By the time I  got to the bed I was sliding off my little lace panties exposing that bald pussy while my big titties hung in front of me. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs WIDE. “There is that pussy, darling” I purred. Jamal, just in his boxers, smacked his lips and crawled up between my thighs. Diving that sweet magic mouth deep into my pussy. My pussy gushed as his mouth pressed harder in me. I rolled my head back, arching my back, enjoying him eating my pussy. I rolled my head to the left and there was Trey’s huge beautiful cock. Eagerly I took it in my mouth, sucking hard. The play session went long and hard as my pussy, cocks, and mouths got kissed, licked, penetrated, stroked and loved over and over. It all led up to the point I got SO stuffed with big black cock we were like a big double stuffed Oreo.

I had been riding Jamal new deliciously thick dick, leaning forward so he could kiss and suck my big titties as I sucked Trey’s balls and stroked his cock. I looked up at Trey and began pleading for him to fuck me in the ass.

“Baby, please, slide that dick in my ass, please!,” I begged breathing hard and I was getting pumped already by one big dick. He knew I liked to be double stuffed but I had never had two black cocks stuffing me at the same time. My pussy clenched and tightened just wanting Trey’s dipstick to dip in me too. Jamal started moaning at how tight my fuck hole had just gotten. Trey quickly complied, positioning himself behind and slowly started pushing his long, thick dark dick in my cute little starfish. He spread me enough to get just the tip in, I already felt SO full but he kept going. He slide in deeper, the shaft slowly disappearing in my ass, next to the pussy clenching another huge dick. Oh my god, I have never felt so stuffed, like they would just rip me open from the inside, but it felt so incredible.  I kept rocking myself on both penises, pushing them in deeper to me holes and stretching them more. They both began pumping too, their cocks were rubbing against each other with only a thin wall on me in between. The extra pressure of having Trey in me too was too intense for Jamal, he pushed me down hard on his dick as he began shooting his huge cum load in my pussy. In turn this made me clench and quiver as my own orgasm peaked. My pussy began leaking juices everywhere, I was too full there was nowhere to go but out. Then Trey gave one final thrust as I felt his hot jizz shoot in my ass.  These two big chocolate treats double stuffed me and left me with a nice creamy center.

I can not wait for my birthday now, but at least I have some time for my sore used body to recover. I am very deliciously tender today!