My dad and his friends are very close, but there is one of his friends that is just like an uncle to me. Uncle Eddie or Eddie T as my dad calls him was always around the house when I was growing up. This one time my parents went out of town for a wedding and Uncle Eddie stayed behind to babysit me. The first night things were as usual between me and Uncle Eddie. It was on the second night that the breeding sessions began.

“Come over here and help me out little Carmen.” These were the words I heard Uncle Eddie say as he stroked his cock with the lube that he got from inside of mom and dad’s night stand. He was laying in there bed with no clothes on. He told me that if I loved him that I would come to him and play “slick the pole” with his hard cock.

He was already pre-cumming by the time I walked over to the bed. He told me that he loved me and that he would never do anything to hurt me. I slicked his cock with my small fingers. He said that I was the prettiest girl he knew. I kissed the tip of his cock with my pretty little pink lips and then I licked. Uncle Eddie said that he had always wanted to give me his baby. So when he told me to remove my panties and open my legs so he could drain his balls inside of me, I did it happily because I didn’t want to let Uncle Eddie down.

My young pussy was wet and a snug fit for Uncle Eddie’s aching cock. He slid deep inside of me. I winced and moaned at first because my tight vaginal walls were stubborn. He kissed me on the cheek and told me to relax and let him in deeper. Cupping my soft ass in both his hands and lifting my bottom off of the bed he began pumping me hard. I clawed his back and pointed my toes. He was dumping his seed inside of me and there was nothing I could do about it.

His cum dripped from my young pussy for days after he impregnated me. It was hard telling mommy and dad about the pregnancy, but Uncle Eddie told me exactly what to say, and even though they didn’t take it well, they had to accept it. Uncle Eddie continues to breed me and make me his “sweet little mama”. Although my pussy belongs to Uncle Eddie, he doesn’t mind sharing. I could be your sexy niece too. I’m young, fertile, and ready to play.

Let the breeding  began…



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