We need a breeding party.  Lord knows my husband doesn’t measure up.  If I am having babies I’m going to find the very best seed and have the most fun making them.

I have been lusting after a breeding party because I am getting to the point in my life where I need to start thinking about the future and not just whatever delicious cock is in front of me. This is new to me, but there are things every woman has to consider as she matures.

I have never really felt like the mothering type, and I’ve always been far too concerned about the pleasure at hand. Plenty of girls grow up dreaming of becoming a mommy, but I always felt like it just wasn’t for me.  My biological clock has started ticking, however, and as my mother loves reminding me, I’m not getting any younger.

My belly has a yearning deep, deep down for a little while. Even though I have tried to ignore it, I feel that I can’t any longer. Maybe, my husband would be a great father too, but let’s be honest, his genetics are just not up to snuff. I know how disappointing our solo sex life is sometimes, and I don’t want to risk my child having the same heartaches.

My beautiful little one needs to be from the very best seed.

I demand that my baby daddy be a real-life Adonis. I mean, why on earth would I breed with an inferior stud?  My babies will get the best start I can give them, obviously, I need some new powerful cock.  My poor hubby just doesn’t have the genetic juice to get the job done.

I say hubby and I round up the very best stock and have a little breeding party.  He would love to sit back and watch his loving wife get filled to the brim with sperm far superior to his little dribbles, especially when he sees how drenched my little pussy gets. He could sit there and watch stallion after stallion mounting his quivering wife and filling her with their baby batter.

I’ll be on the lookout for the appropriate guests for our little breeding party.

Do you think your spunk is up to snuff?
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