Breeding and Impregnation Fantasies

His Fingers interlocked with mine. His Sexy eyes gleamed with erotic passion. It was our first time together. Our very 1st time fucking. It seemed he wanted to take it slow, so we had done everything except fuck. Normally, I don’t spend a lot of time fucking around, but, I had already stroked and sucked his cock, and it was so thick. I wanted to feel that hard throbbing cock inside me. Besides, I wanted to blow his mind as well as his load when I let him in on my impregnation Phone Sex fantasy.

He had told me he was allergic to latex. So I knew he wasn’t one of those * Let’s Be Safe* Kind of guys. I always hated condoms, and that only made my impregnation fantasy easier. The whole nature of  impregnation excited me. No barrier between us.

As he teased my pussy with the tip of his cock, rubbing the warm creamy pre-cum against my already slick slit, the need to be bred and the want of impregnation consumed my mind. His fingers gripped mine as he slid his rock hard cock into my sweet pink abyss. I could feel his protruding cock veins massaging my walls. We were losing ourselves in each other. His thrusts grew stronger and deeper. I arched my back, and pulled my legs back opening my soft fertilness to him.

” Cum for me” I whispered, staring straight into his steel gray eyes.

” I want you to fill me, fill me with your seed” I said through breathy anticipation.

I wanted to feel his sex give way, and meld with mine.

Impregnation was the fulfillment I needed in this moment.

I wanted him in such an animalistic way- I wanted to be bred, as if I were in heat.

His moans of ecstacy and raw pleasure flooded my ears like music. His hard erection began to swell inside me, and I clenched around him, trying to pull the cum from him into me.

I wanted it all, every single precious drop.


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