Breed Me, Daddy, Like They Do In Your Special Movies

Luna love to read naughty stories. Her favorite at the moment was her rule 34 kick. She laid on her bed rubbing her pussy through her white and pink striped panties. Her blonde hair held up in hair bows. Luna’s young pussy craved a cock. Luna knew what she wanted and she was gonna get it. Daddy needed to cum in her. Luna wanted to say to him ” Breed me, Daddy”.

She liked hiding in her Daddy’s closet while he watched dirty movies. She would always rub herself in time with him. Luna loved to secretly cum with her daddy.  Knowing it was almost time for Daddy to come home, she hopped out of bed and ran to his room.

She wiggled her toes on his long shaggy carpet. The feeling of it on her bare feet always made her giggle. She opened the closet door and pushed her way to the back behind some boxes that she had made a secret fort behind. That way when daddy opens the closet he couldn’t see her.

Luna could hear Daddy’s footsteps coming closer…

She snuggled down and pulled her feet in and watched from her peephole. Daddy sighed as he opened his bedroom door.  She heard him undo his belt and the familiar click of the tv.  Luna Creep out to see him totally naked. He laid on the bed and began to stroke his mighty cock. She felt herself drooling a little wishing to taste his cock and feel him push in every inch.

Daddy let out a moan and played with his daddy cock. “Your gonna Breed me today daddy” She whispered to herself. As soon as Daddy was not looking she crawled out of the closet and over to the bed. Reaching up she grabbed ahold of his cock and began to stroke.

Luna! You can’t touch me there but oh god…

“it feels so good, baby you need to stop” Daddy Pleaded. Luna shook her head and firmly said no as she straddled across daddy’s legs. He was losing his will power ” No stop this isn’t right” He would begin and she would edge another moan out from between his lips.

She stopped and daddy sighed and begged for more ” Please baby don’t stop” He pleaded and she smiled and said ” I want you to worship my body, Daddy, then I want you to Breed me” He looked shocked but replied ” Whatever you want just please touch me again”

Luna flipped over and her daddy pulled her top off of her. He Deeply kissed her soft pink lips and ran his fingertips over her smooth alabaster skin. Pinching lightly at her extra sensitive pink puckered nipples as he kissed down her jawline. Daddy humped her through his pants making Luna let out louder moans.

He dragged his wet tongue down her body until…

He pulled Luna’s Panties to the side and began to…


Lick her and taste Luna’s sweet pussy juices. Daddy couldn’t take anymore and grabbed his cock and rammed it in. Luna rested her hands on her shoulder squeezing her tits together as Daddy rammed her. His strong hands on her hip digging in. Luna was in pure ecstasy.

The feeling of his throbbing hardness in her tight wet walls made her squeal in delight. He kept his pace up feeling her tighten up more. Luna was right on the edge of making her pussy a sloppy mess for her Daddy.

Suddenly Daddy Stopped Fucking Luna and…

Flipped her over on her belly. ” Get on your knees now!” Daddy growled. Luna did as she was told and spread her legs. Daddy slid up behind her and moved her panties away again. She felt him rub his cock head up and down. She whimpered in annoyance at Daddy teasing her hole. Then he pushed in as hard as he could.  Daddy started to fuck Luna faster and faster feeling his cock start to twitch. Luna reached between her soft legs and began to rub her clit as she got closer and closer to cumming. Daddy made one final push against her causing her to fall.  His cock twitched and unloaded his sperm deep in her fertile pussy. ” Thank you I love that you decided to Breed me Daddy” Luna sighed Happily

“Were not done yet baby” He replied gruffly…

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