A lot of people don’t know that a woman doesn’t actually have to be pregnant or give birth in order to produce milk from her breast. Basically, all that needs to happen in order to stimulate milk production is persistent sucking of the nipples. If you suck long enough on a woman’s nipples it is a guaranteed fact that she will produce breast milk.

The process is called Induced Lactation and me and my boyfriend decided to give it a try. For about 2 weeks straight, my boyfriend sucked on my nipples morning, noon and night. Of course he sucked on them when we fucked but, because we wanted to see real results within a small amount of time, he kicked it up a notch and sucked my tits non-stop…ALL OF THE TIME.

On his lunch break he would come home just to suck my tits. When he watched the game…he would suck my tits. He would even suck my tits if we were stuck in traffic. He didn’t care he wanted that milk BAD! The sucking would make me horny and we would always end up fucking. The nipple stimulation always made my pussy wet and ready to receive my boyfriends hard dick. He would slide inside of me and pump me slow as he licked and fondled my nipples/areola with his tongue and lips.

One night I came home from the gym and I caught my boyfriend in our bedroom watching milky titty porn. He was stroking his cock real fast and hard and when he saw that I had been watching him he didn’t break his stride. He walked over to me and with a look that I had never seen in his eyes before, he picked me up and slammed me on the bed. My workout leggins were yanked off and my sports bra was ripped away. His hands were rough and precise. He grabbed my plump tits in the palm of his hands as he rammed his rod into my cunt hole.

He had never fucked me so hard before this night. It felt like his cock was going to come out of my mouth or something. My pussy was so wet and willing to take him all the way inside of me. As his cock stroked my g-spot I felt this overwhelming urge as I began to cum. The urge was unusually strong and impossible to control! With my right tit in his mouth my boyfriend sucked and fucked me like it was his first day out of prison. My pussy clinched around his dick and a loud scream was released from me. The cum gushed from my pussy like a fountain, but that’s not the only thing that gushed out of me.

After I came like an animal, I looked at my boyfriend and his mouth was FULL OF MILK! I was finally lactating! The combination of his hard pumps and my strong orgasm engorged my breast with milk. He drank from my big, sexy, milky breasts all night long. He even went to the kitchen and brought back a few chocolate chip cookies to go with my fresh breast milk. LOL!

Here’s the thing, my breasts are CONSTANTLY FULL OF MILK and it hurts like crazy when they get super full. Can you help me out with my milk production and suck them down for me? I will be forever grateful 😉



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