You, Me & Your Breastfeeding Fetish!

I heard you have a secret fetish you’ve never experimented with. Was it hard to talk about with Mommy? She probably couldn’t understand the insane sensation the tip of your cock gets when you drink from her titties. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be your new Mommy, and I’ll tend to your breastfeeding fetish in the sexiest way possible.

I’m the type of Mommy that likes to dress up for her baby boy….or should I say dress down… to something very silky and soft, something comforting….something easy to slip out of. The best kind of top is the kind with a zipper in the front. That way you’re one zip away from sucking my sweet milk out of my nipples. You make them so hard when you lick them in long big circles, just like that….mmmm you make Mommy feel so good.

By the next morning, my tits are just ready to burst. Cup one breast in each hand and feel how full they are, how firm and filled to the brim they feel. Are you going to let Mommy feed you? I love the way you massage the tit you’re not sucking, you like it nice and warmed up don’t you? Look up at me while you drink from me, that makes Mommy want to rub her pussy.

Hungry for some more?

Or is time you let your cock slip in between my tits that have just been milked. Feel how soft they are. I’m so sensitive to your touch, and I love feeling that thick cock rubbing my cleavage, encouraging my milk to keep flowing for you. I love the initial squirt that spills from me, and that prompts you to get right back to sucking me dry. Lick the excess off my chest and let Mommy’s hand slip down to that cock. It’s my turn to milk you after you lick your lips clean of my sweet nectar!

Mom and Son with some Hot MILF Phone Sex!

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