Fetish and weird fetishes can be so much fun!

  What’s up with guys who have a Mommy Fetish? I had a weird request from a hookup who had a thing for breastfeeding and he’s done it a lot. His favorite is when he finds a real Mommy who’s just had a baby because he can get real milk but he says they’re really hard to find and he’s only done it twice. The rest of the time he settles for women like me who don’t mind having our tits sucked and my baby needed it bad last night.

 He texted me in the middle of the night and told me he couldn’t sleep. John wanted me to come over and snuggle up with him while I breastfed him back to sleep. I can’t believe I went over there, the slutty things I do instead of getting my beauty sleep. Oh well, anything for my little boy.  I love satisfying a guy’s Fetish.

If I was a Mommy I’d be a slutty one who’d flirt with my son’s friends and maybe fuck a few of them. My baby boy deserves the best so I slutted it up for him and wore a nightie that was a bit see-through and had straps that were easy to pull down. I threw a jacket over it and texted him that Mommy was coming. This was going to a night of kinky sex stories.

 He left his front door open for me and I went inside.

It was dark and I tried to be quiet as I looked for his bedroom. I finally found it and slowly pushed the door open because I didn’t want to wake my baby up. The lamp was on and I could see him lying on his side in bed. He was pretending to be asleep because I could see him smiling and peeking at me.

 I took my jacket off and went to the bed, pulling back the covers and slipping beside him. He put his arm around my stomach and I put his head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through his hair and said: “Mommy’s here now, it’s okay.” Comforting him for a minute I then lifted his head up so I could slide down the strap of my nightie and fulfill his breastfeeding Fetish.

I held my tit in one hand and rubbed my nipple against his mouth. “Open up sweetie,” I said and he put his wet, warm lips around me.

His tongue flicked over it and my nipple got hard as he licked it. Putting more of my tit in his mouth he pressed his lips to it as he started sucking on it. He did it softly and slowly, taking his time. It felt good having my nipple gently tugged on and I moaned as I kept stroking his hair.

“Good boy,” I told him and closed my eyes, enjoying it. His other hand slid over me and he brushed his fingers over my tit as his mouth worked on the other one. He moaned and it made me shiver as he drooled down my tit and sucked me harder. My nipple was starting to feel tender and his teeth grazed it as he got more greedy. His tongue lapped at me as he moved on me and his other hand squeezed my tit. I let him keep going until he popped my nipple out of his mouth and rested his head on my tit.

 “Thank you, mommy,” he said and we stayed like that until my baby fell asleep. I then got out of bed, tucked him in and went back home.


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