Breastfeeding Adult Babies With Milky Boobs

Breastfeeding my adult baby is so soothing to them. I am a mommy who loves to snuggle up and feed my baby from my huge milky boobs! Your cherub face under me, suckling away at my sweet milk makes me so happy. You look so content, gazing up at me with milk dribbling out of the corners of your mouth. It is soooo adorable! I pamper my baby with a diaper change with the warm wipes and powder. I love to sing to my adult baby and read you stories. AWWW, you always look so cute dressed up in your sleeper, crawling around.

I hear you giggle when I play peek a boo with you. Your eyes get sooooo big when they see mommy in my robe with my big full breasts heavy with your milk. Breastfeeding my adult baby makes us both so much closer. I always breastfed my babies when they were little, and I miss it so much. That’s why I enjoy ABDL play so much. I love to feel your faces close to me and give you all the sweet milky titties you want! My nipples tingle thinking about feeding a cute little baby just like YOU.

Bath time with my ABDL is also a bonding time.

I love to take your little hands and kiss them while I  undress you so carefully. Look at my baby boy!! Tickle tickle!! Don’t pee in the tubbie while mommy washes you with your favorite soft animal puppet washcloth.;) I will kneel down and rub noses with you while you giggle. Come and let mommy dry you off with your hooded towel with ears. How adorable are you?? Lay down on mommas big bed and I will pamper you and put your footie jammies on. Now curl up with mommy and I will breastfeed my adult baby until your eyes are so heavy you can no longer keep them open.