Does Daddy Like Blueberry Pancakes? or my blue panties in his bed?

Lying in bed, I’ve been thinking of what to get my daddy as a memorable Father’s Day gift. He’s got enough ties and socks and I even gave him a new set of golf clubs last year. This year I have something a little bit naughtier in mind. Daddy and I have always been “close”. When I was in my teens I’d never think a thing of it to walk around naked after getting up, daddy and I didn’t play all modest and cover-up, we were just natural. I walked in on him a few times when he was masturbating, and just turned around and walked out giggling. We didn’t have any shame about stuff like that.

Daddy has a rather big cock I noticed when I did see him rubbing it and coming out of the shower and stuff. He saw me many times getting out of the shower as well, I never bothered to close the door half the time. I think he heard me masturbating in the shower at times as well, with the shower massager, he never said anything but had a silly look on his face when he saw me a little while after and I wondered if he heard me moaning.

I think he must have! A few times asked if I “had a good shower”.

I know daddy always loved breakfast in bed when I’d bring it to him on holidays like Christmas and his birthday. This Sunday I’m planning on making his favorite, blueberry pancakes, but beforehand, I’ve got a treat for him I think he will like even more. I know since I’ve seen it, that daddy usually wakes up with morning wood. I’m going to surprise daddy by giving him a blow job to wake up to, I’m going to get up before he does and sneak in and pull the covers down and wrap my mouth around daddy’s cock and surprise him that way.

I think he will like my lips going up and down his big, hard cock! Daddy’s going to get a real shock when he wakes up and my mouth is sliding up and down his shaft and sucking his balls. He’ll like that a lot better even than the blueberry pancakes!

Breakfast in bed Daddy?

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