I Never Would Have Believed that Bratty  Teen Blackmails Are Still A Thing.

There are still bratty teen blackmails that take place right in front of us.  A wink of the eyes, a shake of those perky tits may not be enough to undo some men but a piece of damning evidence sure will do the trick.  When there is evidence of things that could ruin the family the lifestyle that someone has become accustomed to, we as humans stop at nothing to keep the peace so as not to lose what we worked so hard to gain.

Let me take you back to when I was a teen.  I had a friend named Tiffany who was as cunning as she was beautiful.  Her mother and father divorced leaving in their wake a very bitter, depressed teen who witnessed the breaking of a unity.  She adored her daddy and never wanted another man to come into the picture.  As a result, life changed drastically for Tiffany.  There were many sleepovers where she would vent about the situation and I wanted to be a good friend.

So, it wasn’t long before a new man came into the picture!

Well, how would you feel if another man suddenly came into the picture and seemed to take over trying to be a dad?  Her new stepdad was very handsome but very cocky.  Another thing that made things a little different was that he was younger than her mom by ten years and only ten years older than her.  In contrast, this was very taboo considering her dad was older than her mother.

However, sometimes she caught Dominic looking at her, especially when Tiffany was in her shorts and tank top that showed off her big tits.  Rather than break the peace, Tiffany kept her mouth shut.  She both loved and hated her stepfather.  So her mom wanted a boy toy.

So one day it happened!

Tiffany came home to discover another car in the driveway that didn’t belong to her mom or stepdad.  Tiffany snuck around the house and looked through her parent’s window.  Her eyes widened as she saw her stepdad with another lady in her mommy’s bed.  Classic cheating sex stories scenario right?   Instead of barging in Tiffany stood and took out her phone.  Well, you can probably imagine what she did right?

Bratty teen blackmails step father thoughts are not at the top of her list right now.  She would find a way to use the evidence to get what she wanted.  Thus time went on and Tiffany continued to wear more and more slutty clothes around the house knowing it bothered Dominic to the point of hardness.  Tiffany was working up to something very twisted.  Her birthday was coming up and she had some requests.

The day finally came when she was alone with Dominic!

Tiffany sat down with Dominic while they watched a movie.   She made her wishes known for what she wanted for her birthday.  There was this new car Tiffany had her eyes on.  In addition to a car, she wanted some other things.  At first, Dominic wasn’t budging.  Little did he know who really ran the show.  Swiftly Tiffany took out her phone.  Dominic gasped as Tiffany swiped through pictures of his Mistress riding his hard cock thrusting deep inside her pussy.  Even Tiffany had to admit his cock was nice.  No wonder her mom married him.

He couldn’t look away from the picture of the girl’s pussy gripping his cock as her legs gripped his torso.  His thoughts of bratty teen blackmails stepdad haunted his mind.  Still, if he didn’t give Tiffany what she wanted she would run to her mommy and tell what he had done.  Suddenly  Tiffany undid his pants and went under the covers and started to suck on his hard cock.  He tried to push her head away but her mouth felt so good even better than her mother’s mouth.  Where had this slut learned to suck cock?

Dominic had finally been caught!

His head swelled as she took his cock deep into her throat.  All the images of her dressed in her shorts and panties around the house filled his mind.  Dominic couldn’t handle this too much longer.

Tiffany emerged from the covers and snapped a photo of his cock in her hands.  Everything was thrown by the wayside as she took her shorts and panties off.  Next, her pussy was lowered down upon his hard dick.  Dominic grabbed his stepdaughter’s big firm tits.  His fantasies of finally touching her and fucking her were coming true.

Do you have any sexy bratty teen blackmails incidents that ever happened?  Let me be your teen phone sex dream!

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