I was so excited about using my new milking table on my big brothers. Grabbing my oils, candles,  and even a fleshlight to use on them. This would be a night they would never forget with their little teen sister. This Bratty Sister Milking Table story is gonna leave you wanting to be one of them.

 As I came running out to greet them, I was in one of my tiny bikinis. I laughed and grabbed their hands and lead them, down the hallway. I brought them to the basement. This was the first time they were even invited down to my naughty room.

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Bratty Sister Milking Table Starts With My Brothers

Telling Tommy to go sit on my sex swing and watch while I started to direct Robbie to the table. He started to undress and get onto the table face down. His cock was sticking out the bottom. Just the way I wanted as I got under the table. Sitting there I just staring at it, looking deep at my brother’s big thick cock. I squeezed warm oil into my hands it was time for his milking. Bratty Sister Milking Table blows your mind.

Gently I wrapped my hands around Robbie’s cock. Slowly I started to rub that veiny cock. I was enjoying touching and caressing his cock. It started to throb right into my palms. The more I squeezed his cock and stroked it the more his head would flare. This milking table was amazing I loved using it. I was going to get what I really wanted my fetish Cum.

I Didn’t Want Sex!! Not At All!!

 Leaning down I really started looking at that cock throbbing so bad the huge vein pulsating down his cock.  I started to wrap my other hand around and start stroking rougher and faster. I could start to see his pre-cum drip out the head of his cock. Bratty Sister Milking Table Big Brothers all their cum is mine.

Bratty Sister Milking Table Big Brothers

One hand moved down to his balls. I started gently massaging them. I was feeling how tight his swollen balls were. His moans are way louder now. I didn’t want sex!! Not at all!! I just wanted to be bathed in all their cum.

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Bratty Sister Milking Table Big Brothers Get You Rock Hard!

Leaning in I started to press my lips around the tip of his cock. I gave it a little gentile kiss. Gently I wrapped my tongue around the head. I edged my tongue against his sensitive spot. Instantly I felt his head flare and his cock do a little jump of excitement. Glancing over I saw Tommie stroking it even harder standing up now. 

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