What a gorgeous day it is. I am excited to hang out with my Aunt Jean today. She told me she has something special planned. I love her surprises, they are also so much fun! On her journeys around the world, she is always finding amazing things to bring me. One time she found a magic rock and I used it to torture our servants. It was so funny. Consequently, they are all superstitious and thought it was ghosts. Little do I know by the end of this day, I will be a Bratty Princess Giantess.

Aunt Jean is a liaison for my family. It is cool she is traveling the world to act on my family’s part to keep peace with other nations. Since she is good at faking a kind manner and open-mindedness so it makes her great for the job. She and my mother grew up like me, a spoiled little rich girl.

She is always telling me stories of when they were children and picked on the servants.

Today she has a special tea for me. Again, this item has magic power. Only it isn’t power I can do tricks with. Okay, so show me already. I taste the tea and it tastes funny but I drink it anyway. I feel funny and immediately pass out. As I am coming to, I don’t feel like myself. Opening my eyes, I must be dreaming. My body is huge and everything around me is so tiny. What the hell is going on Aunt Jean?

When I finally focus, I quickly realize this isn’t a dream. Aunt Jean brought me tea that has turned me in a Bratty Princess Giantess! Oh my gosh, how crazy is this. My parents are way down on the ground with Aunt Jean. They are all clapping with excitement for me. I giggle but it sounds like a huge roar now. What naughty fun I am going to have now!

As a Bratty Princess Giantess, everyone has to bow to me or faith my wrath.

In no time I am standing up and finding my balance. There is that mean maid that is so rude to me. Quickly, I reach over and pick her up by grabbing a hold of her old dress. She is screaming as I am dangling her high above the ground. Mother and Father are shouting to be careful. I make eye contact with Aunt Jean and she gives me a nod. Instantly, I throw that wicked old maid and see her soar for miles.

I am laughing so hard but my parents are trying to reprimand me. Good luck with that guys. Now that I am a bratty princess giantess, I am in charge of all the land. Panic ensues throughout the palace as everyone is running to get away from me. Most know that my mean streak has no bounds and no one is safe with me this big. What an incredible gift Aunt Jean has given me.

My appetite is unbearable as I need way more food and protein.

Aunt Jean is explaining to my parents that now I will require human protein or tons more of animal protein to meet my needs. I see the horrified look on their faces and it makes me giggle. I get to eat all the servants that were mean or hateful to me. Searching for something to write with, I decide I need to make a list of them so my family knows who to roast for dinner tonight.

My mother is crying and shaking her head as they discuss this predicament. Personally, I find this extremely exciting. Think of all the places and small girl can’t go. As a bratty princess giantess, the world is my oyster! My legs take me far very fast so I don’t need horses, carriages or any other transportation. The thought of it makes me tingle all over. Every many will now have Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Short Dick issues and fear my wrath!

Then I realize my privates are giant too!

I am just learning to masturbate. Now, I can use a whole man in my pussy to make me cum. Searching all the tiny people below me I see our stable boy. He is so handsome and I pick him up. Why isn’t he screaming? Looking at him, I realize he isn’t afraid of me. I ask him why and he says because he has always had a crush on me, now there is more to love.

Furthermore, my body is getting turned on just by looking at him. I look at him and ask if he wants to play with my giant pussy. He smiles a naughty smile and tells me yes! Therefore, I take him and walk off to the woods. Finding a place to lay my large bratty princess giantess body, I get down on the ground. He immediately goes to work crawling into my panties…

Looks like it is getting good, what to role-play it out this fetish phone sex with me? Call and we can have so much fun!


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