Are you an incest fan? Have you ever been lucky enough to experience it or is it one of your fantasies? My family is one of those wild families living the incest lifestyle. At first, I am not sure but now, my pretty pussy gets wet when I am around Daddy and he is horny. My brother and step-brother sort of forced it on me but I love their dicks. Now, it is my turn to show my little cuz some Bratty Cousin Oral Incest fun.

He is younger than me and so handsome. He just graduated from high school and will be heading off to college in the fall. I know he is innocent in the ways of sex. He is a science geek, always has his face in books. It is time he gets some lessons in sex so he is ready for college. His name is Jeremy and he is a hottie. It is odd but his parents don’t live the incest lifestyle like us.

However, that isn’t stopping me from bratty cousin oral incest with him.

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I digress from the main topic today, Cousin Jeremy.

He is about 6′ feet tall with dark hair and beautiful green eyes. His cute dimples are making all the girls in town swoon. And, the crazy part is, he is oblivious to their adoration. This kid is so into his studies and goals that he misses out on the fun someone his age should be having. That is why cousin Riley is here to save the day with bratty cousin oral incest fun.

I see him checking me out at the family events. Of course, every guy there is because I am barely wearing much clothing. It is one of the few times I have seen him show any interest in anything other than his studies. It is cute when I catch him and he realizes it because he is blushing bright red. I love making an innocent boy blush!

My brothers say he is hung like a horse too.

They have seen his cock in the locker room at school. All the guys give him shit about being so well endowed and not using it. They’re all jealous they aren’t packing such a nice pecker to use with the girls. Of course, most girls that young don’t know the difference or value of huge cock. I have always known and still love big dicks.

Giant rods run in our family, thank goodness. We are all hanging out at the pool and Jeremy is there as well. He is into a book even while sitting by the pool. I am wearing my smallest bikini, showing off for him, and it is working. When he goes into the house for something to drink I am right behind him.

At first, he is stuttering all over himself.

I get him to relax and start running my fingers all over his toned body. Within no time, his dick is rock hard in his swim trunks. I lean in and whisper in his ear that I can help with that. At first, he is like, “NO!” It isn’t long before my charm wears him down and we are heading to my bedroom. I lock the door behind us and have him sit on my bed.

I get down on my knees and pull that huge dick out. He is nervous as I am stroking him and then, my mouth makes contact. That is all he needs to lay back and enjoy his first blowjob with my bratty cousin oral incest session. Curious to know how well it went? Call me for all the details!

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