I’m a Naughty Babysitter

I have been babysitting for my neighbors for about two years now. The husband is so hot! When I see him, I fantasize about fucking him in his wife’s bed. I bet he has a huge cock for my tight teen pussy to grind up and down on. My cravings had grown so strong, I couldn’t resist my urges any longer. I did something really naughty. When I was babysitting last night, I got into his search history and found some great things to use for my bratty babysitter blackmail. 

After the kids went to sleep, I started snooping around and found out that Sugar Daddy has some secrets! As it turns out, he has been cheating on his wife for a while now. I printed out all of the messages and when I go back to babysit next, I’m going to get what I want! I know that his initial reaction to my bratty babysitter blackmail is going to be anger. But, once he sees my sexy outfit, he’ll be craving me too.

The Next Weekend

The neighbors have just come home from their night out. His wife is stumbling in and she has clearly had too much to drink. That means she’ll be in bed any minute, leaving me all alone with her extremely hot husband. I sit patiently and wait for him to bring her to bed and come back to me.

Then, as I hear his footsteps coming back down the hall, I unbutton my top and reveal the top of my sexy lingerie. He turns the corner with his wallet in his hand and it is finally time to make my move.

“How does $100 for the night sound?” He says as he is still staring at his wallet. I can smell the bourbon on his breath and I want to kiss him so badly. Then he looks up at me.

“Natalie! What are you doing? Cover yourself up!”

I stand up and walk over to him. With every step, I undo another button. Once I am standing right in front of him, I am only wearing my lace red bra. Then, I drag my fingertips down his chest and bite my lip seductively.

“$100 sounds great Mr. Reynolds. But, there is something else I want too.”

Then I firmly grip his cock through the outside of his pants. His eyes widen and he’s looking upset and confused.

Bratty Babysitter Blackmail

“What is it, Mr. Reynolds? I thought you liked fooling around behind your wife’s back?” I let out a mischievous giggle and start to undo his belt. Then I feel his strong hands grip my shoulders and shove me backward.

“I wouldn’t do that. I have all the proof your wife will need to make her decision to divorce your ass! So, why don’t you just strip down and enjoy yourself? She passed out drunk anyways!”

An angry scowl consumes his face as he realizes I am in control. However, he starts to strip because he knows that I won’t stop until I get what I want.
“This is so messed up. What kind of bratty babysitter blackmail is this? The money I could understand, but why me?”

“Just shut up. If you fuck me, I won’t tell your wife. Deal?”

Then I jumped onto his lap and pushed him back on the couch. When our lips met, I knew that he was now more turned on than anything! I started to grind my panties against his hard cock until I was dripping wet. Then I pulled them to the side and made that cheating husband my fuck toy. When I left, I took his money and his dignity. I can’t wait to babysit next weekend!

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