A man’s supposed to be more experienced, right?


Have you ever fucked a girl where halfway in, you realize the bitch has tried just about everything? That’s pretty much my current situation. I’m fucking the sexiest big-booty Colombian chick I’ve ever seen. She’s the whole package and I’m not too bad myself. The problem is that it seems like there aren’t any brand new positions I’m using on her, that she hasn’t already experienced. I feel like a bitch, I think that as a man, you want to make a woman feel out of this world. Well, every time I fuck Cata she keeps riding my cock as if she’s barely enjoying it.

I know it sounds like I’m inexperienced or just a fucking loser, but that’s not it. Every girl I’ve had my dick in has complimented my cock and my sex game, so I know it’s her, not me. Well, she’s here.  Ready to explore brand new positions. As I open the door, Cata walks in looking like a smoke-show. Her wavy, long, black, and caramel-colored highlighted hair falls off her left shoulder. She kisses me with severe passion, tongue down my throat, and pussy pushed right against my fat bulge.

I turn her around so I can feel her plump ass sliding against my jeans.

Then without being able to hold the urge in anymore, I slip the skin-tight backless butt-peeking dress off of her. As I’m kissing down her stomach down to her landing strip I capture the smell of strawberry-scented perfume, which gets the blood flowing to my cock even faster. While frenching her pussy lips I slip 3 fingers up her pussy and begin to pump aggressively. Then, I pick Cata up by her pussy hole like a fucking bowling ball. I have some brand new positions I know she’s never experienced before… I hope.

Using brand new positions on her tan sexy body.

Cata is a cheerleader at my University, I watch her performances at games now and again, and I know she’s flexible. On my California King size bed, I turn her upside down so she’s in a handstand. After, I grip her thighs for support and hammer her tight wet pussy. Honestly, I thought about fucking her in this position after seeing a video of her and her friend Channele, having strap-on playtime fun with each other in a brand new position similar to the handstand. Then it occurred to me, that I should pick her up higher and eat her ass out, upside down, while slobs on my cock.

I’m fucking Cata for about 30 minutes now, she’s grinding on me while moving her hips like a serpent. I naturally begin to push my hips up further and further trying to push my dick in as deep into her creamy wet pussy as it’ll go. Suddenly we’re in a table-top-like position and I see something I never have before. Catas eyes opened up I’m sure it has something to do with the brand new positions, especially this one. For the first time ever I see her pussy convert the room into a shower. She let out a long deep sigh and drew blood when she dug her nails down my spine.

That’s when I knew for the first time ever, I brought brand new positions to the room again.


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