Boys, Boners, Teasing and Much Much More!

Boys, boners, teasing and more! Being 8 years older than my brother, I used to love teasing him and his friends. There’s nothing like watching a boy struggle through puberty! I remember he’d always have 3 or 4 buddies over every single weekend and I’d deliberately prance around in my skimpiest outfit. I got a kick out of watching them try to hide their boners! Sometimes, I’d really humiliate them, by calling them out.

I’d giggle and say, “Hmmm what’s that in your pants? Looks like you’re happy to see me!” Of course, they’d deny it and try to quickly change the subject, but we all knew that the sight of my sexy ass in those skimpy shorts and half cut t-shirt; drove them nuts. All they could do was think about sticking me with those rock solid cocks.

Most of the time I’d be in my bedroom playing with my wet pussy and I’d “accidentally” leave my door open…Oopsy! Sometimes, I’d acted like I was reaching for something just passed them and graze my tits right across their face….boy that’d get them going alright.

 I used to LOVE the summertime when we’d all go swimming for obvious reasons!!

On one occasion in particular, I was taking a shower and I left the door cracked. I always loved knowing that they were watching me, but loved the fact even more that they thought I had no clue. Little did they know that my devilish side only wanted to make them suffer. I wanted them to hear me, to smell me or ache for me. I took great pride in teasing them, pretending I had no clue that they were watching.

There I was in the shower, being watched and I drove the boys wild with the show I had planned for them. I took the detachable shower head in my hands, pressed it close to my pussy and away I went. Naturally, I always gave them a good show, but this time was particularly award-winning. As I began my climax, I was certain to give them a Hollywood ending and next thing I know 3 boys, one being my brother, just fell over themselves right into the bathroom…..what happened next left me completely satisfied and the three of them left with cum all over the place!! To join in, simply call me, for some hot, kinky phone sex!

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