Corrupting My Boyfriend’s Younger Sister

Spring Break can get totally crazy, but let me tell you what’s the craziest thing I’ve done during my break over the past few years. Let’s just say my boyfriend’s younger sister pussy was my goal and I was on a mission to taste it. It all begun because I started spending a lot of time at their place and even though at first I didn’t really even notice her once she busted out those tiny volleyball shorts, there was no turning away. Even then I really didn’t even talk to her until finally one time I went to my boyfriend’s place and he wasn’t home so I took my chance.

While waiting for my boyfriend I started talking to her. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she did but she didn’t know for long. When I asked why she giggled and immediately blushed. Avoiding my question she then asked me if her brother makes me cum. I nodded but I told her I don’t need him, I can make myself cum. She blushed even more and before I knew it I was kissing her. I could tell she wanted it too. I took her to my boyfriend’s bedroom and laid her on the bed. That’s when the fun really started!

Once we were completely naked on the bed where I had fucked her brother so many time, she tried to stop me. I started kissing down her stomach and asked her if that’s what she really wanted. Her baby face blushed as I opened her legs and admired her young pussy. I pressed my warm tongue against her slit. Spreading her puffy pussy lips with my fingers I started eating her cunt. She tasted like cotton candy! It didn’t take me long to get her soaking wet. I buried my face in her pussy and I felt it contract.

When my boyfriend arrived home I was ready for him. His younger sister was in the shower and I was in his bed, under the covers and soaking wet. As I was cumming on my boyfriend’s cock he kissed me passionately not knowing he tasted his little sister’s tight teen pussy.

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