For the first time ever this weekend, I fingered my boyfriend’s asshole!

It was Sunday night and he was just now getting home from work. By the way, he walked in I knew he had a long day. I had already been planning to finger his asshole, so I knew tonight would be the perfect night.“Rough day?” I asked. “Beyond rough” He replied. I hate when my man comes home in a bad mood, so I wanted to try to make it up to him. “Wanna take a hot shower with me?” I asked him. He kissed me and said, “I would love to.”

    I went into the bathroom and started the shower to let it heat up. After It got nice and warm I called him and he came into the bathroom. “Nice and hot,” I said. He smiled as he peeled his work clothes off his body. I got in first because I like to let my shampoo set in my hair for awhile. He got in and I let him under the water. “I’ll wash your back for you babe,” I said, grabbing his blue scrubby from the rack.

I lathered it up really good with body wash and started scrubbing his back.

I slowly moved the scrubby down towards his ass and scrubbed his asshole for him. Wanted to make sure it was really clean. We got all washed up. I stepped out of the shower and he wrapped a towel around me. I kissed him and said, “Meet me in the bedroom when you’re done.”

    When he came into the bedroom I was already naked. “I know you’ve had a rough day, so I want to show you just how much I appreciate how hard you work.” You could tell by his face that he loved the sound of that. He climbed on the bed. “Lay back against the headboard,” I said as I crawled on the bed slowly. He laid back and I grabbed his cock. I was kissing up and down the sides of it, And licking the head of his cock. I slowly started sucking on the head of his cock. Then I took my right hand and went from the tip of his head all the way down. to push his skin down.

I started sucking his cock and deep throating him.

Usually, it doesn’t take long for him when I’m giving him head. I felt him about to cum so I stopped. And grabbed a bottle of lube. I dripped it on his balls and let it go down to his asshole. I started sucking his cock again. Then I took my left hand and rubbed my pointer finger along the outside of his asshole. Could tell he REALLY liked that, So I took it further. I stuck the tip of my pointer finger in his ass. I knew he was about to cum again so I stuck my finger all the way inside his asshole until i touched his prostate and quickly massaged that. He buster in my mouth and it was more cum then I had ever seen!

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