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I decided right then and there that I had to have his big black cock. He noticed me staring at the front of his shorts and he came right up behind me and squeezed my ass. The best part of all was that he did it right in front of my boyfriend. He must have known from the locker room that my boyfriend didn’t satisfy me sexually. I’m sure that the hunger in my eyes was pretty obvious.

When he went to the bathroom, of course, I followed him.

I know it wasn’t nice to do that to my boyfriend but I couldn’t resist, I had to see it and have it. As soon as I walked through the bathroom door his zipper slid right down. His cock was so massive I dropped right down to my knees and started worshiping that big amazing black cock. It stretched my mouth open so good that I had to have it in my pussy. He bent me over the toilet and fucked me right then and there. I forgot to close the bathroom door and my boyfriend came to see where we had both disappeared to. I heard him gasp and yell wanting to know what I was doing but I couldn’t stop it just felt too good. Oh well, he was just going to have to get used to being a teen cuckold.

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