Let’s talk about the sensual potential of Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex.

Variety is the spice of life, oh yes. It’s so true, friends. A little strange is fun and exciting. All sex should be thrilling and should force you to explore the outer reaches of your limits physically and intellectually. But for Luscious Lilah, sometimes the best sex isn’t the sex that comes in the form of BDSM clubs, lesbian amateur porn weekends, or other wild tales of reckless abandon. Sometimes the best, most intense, and satisfying sex is the sex that you have with your primary partner. The most delightful thing about fucking your regular partner is this – Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex NEVER has to be regular.

Let’s talk about Lilah’s rules for happy sex life in “domesticity.” First, frequency. Sex, sex, and more sex. All the time. Keep those sweet and sexy juices flowing. One of the happiest and hottest couples I know has sex EVERY SINGLE DAY. Let’s look forward to it every night, babe. To make that a reality, we’ll make Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex an all-day event. I’ll be wet all day long, creaming my satin panties thinking about what you’re going to do to me tonight. I’ll also be thinking about what I want to do to you. This tight little pussy will be throbbing with anticipation every time my text tone sounds on my phone. I can’t wait until later, because I know every minute that passes brings me closer to your cock buried balls deep inside me.

Always Fuck your Wife/Girlfriend like you would fuck your mistress.

Second, exceptional Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex means treating your regular partner like you would treat a naughty, slutty little fucktoy. We should always be exploring our sexual boundaries together. Tie me up. Spank me. Drip hot wax on me. Fuck my face. Take me against the wall. Gift me a sweet little butt plug. Roleplay with me. Let me be your slutty babysitter, the neighbor’s wife, your bratty step-sister, your dominant Mistress. I expect you to try and fuck me everywhere. Make me suck your cock in the car, bend me over in the kitchen atop the dining room table. Tell me to wear that flirty little skirt to dinner so you can finger fuck me through the meal. Confess to me the darkest, edgiest sexual fantasy you’ve always held close, and let me make it a reality – all for you.

The BEST Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex is when we incorporate TOYS, PORN, and GUESTS.

Let’s watch porn together, babe. You choose one of your favorites for tonight, I’ll choose one of mine for tomorrow. I want to give you a handjob while we watch – then you can use a dildo on me once I’m all wet and horny. That cute little twenty-something who waited at our table at breakfast last weekend? She looks like fun, doesn’t she? Let’s bring her home. I want you to watch me eat her sweet pussy in our bed. Fuck me from behind while my tongue teases her adorable little clit. Just because we’re having Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex doesn’t mean we can’t share. It’s all a part of keeping things new and exciting.

Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex is always fun with Lilah.

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