Now that we all understand the lure of the boyfriend caught cheating porn fantasy, it’s only fair that I tell you about the last time I got wrapped up in one. I had been seeing this new guy for a while. He was smart, handsome and very sexy with a certain air of confidence about him that was so appealing and I could never resist.

Little did I know that he would draw me into his own drama as a boyfriend caught cheating. We had only been seeing each other on occasion for a few months. Although he travelled frequently for business, I had no reason to think he was cheating because when he was in town he would always call me. He always made us reservations at the hottest new restaurants that were impossible to get into. Dinner was always foreplay for the hot sexual adventures that would follow.

He had great taste in food and an even bigger appetite for sex.

From rooftop balconies of the sleekest hotels to sexy dark lounges, we fucked all over the city. At the end of every date, we would find our way to a hot downtown hotel where we would have hot, wild sex all night long. He was a lot of fun to date! And I had no idea he was going to get caught cheating.

It was not surprise on our last date when the sex started early at a hot burlesque show we were at. Our booth was in the corner of the balcony, in a dimly lit spot. His strong hands were up my skirt in no time once the lights in the theatre went out. His fingers felt amazing stroking my pussy, and even when the waitress came by to bring us our drinks, he continued to fuck my pussy with his fingers so hard that I almost came right in front of her.

By the next act, he scooted me onto his lap. I could feel his hard, throbbing cock begging to break free from his slacks. He quickly unzipped them and I rode his cock while we watched the dancers on stage. I rocked back and forth, twerking my hips in his lap. Our moans became in sync with the music until we both climaxed together. It was so damn sexy and so hot!

I was shocked when I saw the look on his face and new that the boyfriend caught cheating.

I knew we were found out when the waitress tapped him on the shoulder from behind. But it turns out it was not our waitress, it was apparently his wife! I was shocked when I saw the look on his face and new that he was a boyfriend caught cheating. She didn’t yell or make a scene, but just gave him the dirtiest look. Once she walked away, we grabbed the check and headed out.

This time our evening didn’t end in a swanky hotel bar and we didn’t make it up to the room. I knew that this boyfriend caught cheating and had other things to deal with that evening. Although I never saw him after that night, I did really enjoy all the fun sexy times we had together and will never forget him.

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