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There’s nothing quite like having my own personal amateur cuckold for all the fun I like to have. My first cuck was an ex-boyfriend. When we were together he could never fuck me right. It was always horrible every time. I always thought it was because his little cock was so tiny, he couldn’t reach my g-spot. After a long time of not being satisfied, I started having thoughts of him watching me get fucked by a big fat cock that could reach my spots and make me cum super hard. So, I decided to make it happen.

One night I sent him to a store. While he was gone I called my sexy neighbor, Chris. Chris was so fucking hot. He was 6 foot 4, with perfect muscles, a gorgeous smile and a big fat cock that I couldn’t resist. When he came over I told him to have a seat on the couch. I walked over to him and took off my short tight shorts and my tiny tank top. Then I climb on the couch and straddled his face. He knew exactly what to do. He licked my pussy from the top of my clit down to my tight little hole. I looked down and saw him stroking his big cock as he licked my pussy. I slid down and straddles his legs with cock right between my pussy lips.

As I kissed him I could hear my boyfriend pulling in the driveway.

Chris looked nervous. I put my finger against his lips and told him don’t worry. Then I slid his hard cock inside of me. I started riding his him faster and faster. My boyfriend walked in and stood there in complete shock while smiled at him. I told Chris to flip me over and fuck me like he means it. And he did exactly what I said. He turned me on my back and started pounding my pussy. I looked over at my boyfriend and saw he was getting excited. I told him to come to lick my ass while Chris pounded my pussy. He did it without saying a word. I felt his tongue sliding up and down my ass while Chris’ balls slapped his face.

I told Chris to pull his cock out of my pussy and shove it into my boyfriend’s throat. MMMM…it was so hot! I turned around in doggy position so Chris could ram his cock into me and make cum. I told him to cum with me, and fill my pussy with his cum. He did just that! Once my pussy was nice and full of cum I laid on my back and spread my legs so my boyfriend could come to lick all of Chris’ cum out of me and lick my juices off of his dick. That was the day my boyfriend became my very own amateur cuckold.

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