Boy Next Door Fantasy Fuck. Ooh. What If It Really Happened?

My boy next door fantasy fuck started when my son started hanging out with the kid who had just moved to our neighborhood. Storm was only a year older than my kid, but he sure looked and carried himself like a grown-ass MAN. His was a single Mom as well, and we had fallen into a routine of trading off houses when we each had to work overtime. So, it was nothing to me to see Storm at my house most weekend morning, since his Mom almost always took that shit because it was time and a half for her. I knew she needed it and Storm was no trouble. Well, save for when they were playing those crazy car chase video games! lol.

Then, one Friday night, my son Chase had a Friday Night Lights game that I couldn’t make. I heard a key in my front door and got up from my office to go and see why Chase was home so early. “Killed them off in the 4th quarter, did ya kid?” I rounded the corner to the living room and saw Storm standing there with his duffle bag over his shoulder. “Oh, SHIT, Storm! You scared the HELL out of me! Why aren’t you at the game?”

“I wasn’t feeling too hot and decided to just come over here. Still okay that I spend the night, right?”

He said it as he fell back onto my couch and snuggled in. “well, I guess so!” I headed back to the kitchen and continued cooking for my two “boys”.

“Hey, Storm? You want a salad too?” There was a small silence before I felt Storm push against my ass with his cock! I immediately pushed him back using my ass, cuz my hands were all wet from the salad.

“What are you DOING!?” I turned around to face him. He simply smiled at me and chuckled, “What? I was trying to hug you, Mom.” I squinted at him calling me Mom. I only have ONE son, even though Storm is like a son, he is not. And thank GOD. because feeding one teenage was enough!

Later, after dinner, I went upstairs and left the boys to do whatever teenage boys do when Mom’s out of sight. lol.

I could hear them laughing and slap boxing at one point and I snuggled down knowing they were safe inside the house with me. God KNOWS how many mothers were worrying at that very moment. I was glad not to be among them. I read a few chapters, then the next thing I knew I was sound asleep with the lights and fireplace in my room still on. Can’t say I noticed at all when the room went dark leaving only the dimming glow of embers to light the room, not that I needed it.

I also didn’t feel the bed shift at all. What I did feel was a warm dripping coming from my thighs. But, oh no… Not from my pussy (yet)! This warm, wetness was emanating from my thighs!!! I feel I was slipping into a sexy dream and didn’t want to open my eyes. Would you? Giggle.

Now, I KNOW that’s no eXXXcuse for wanting taboo shit! I know. Believe me, I know!

But, with my eyes slammed shut (so as to NOT wake fro my sexy slumber) I squirmed much the way a sleeping person would do and as my legs parted, knees bent, I let a slow sleeping moan escape my lips. I have my lips cracked just enough to still look asleep. However, I did sneak a peek at who was delivering such delicious debauchery. For a second, I was bleary-eyed and thought it was my SON. Thankfully, I was wrong. But, again, even with being wrong, what was happening still was. There was Storm! Lying on his belly between my parted thighs and was going at that sweet pineapple pussy like a prisoner’s last meal on Death Row!

At least I tried to roll away, half hoping that he’d just stop and sneak back to the guest room. Alas, all hope was dashed when he pulled me even tighter onto his face while French kissing my box. Clearly, he thought I was the heaviest sleeper EVER, or he just didn’t give a damn!

That Fucker latched on like a baby on a tit and I was getting the boy next door fantasy fuck I’d been dreaming of!

To be clear, my boy next door fantasy fuck was pretty vanilla. I mean, the original boy next door fantasy fuck was basically from the standpoint of a divorced woman. I was thrilled to just be getting it in! haha. As a rule, it was along the lines of heavy petting, some fingering and then plunging deep inside me. But, this??? Oh, this was some other level shit! What happened next left no doubt for Storm that I was awake… WIDE AWAKE!

I ran my fingers through his silky hair and cupped the back of his head and ground down on him like he was hermetically sealed to his face! I did a figure 8, followed by a gush of cream, then I let loose with a hump and a pivot and finished with my patented SQUIRT!Within seconds, he was scaling my body like a climber on Everest and I did nothing to slow his ascent.

Oh, the boy next door fantasy fuck was never this good in my head!

My tits were dripping from his licks and kisses and my pussy opened as if by magic. After a mind-numbing fuck, I clutched the covers to my body in shame. I loved all that we had done, but it was still clear in my head that this boy, was my son’s best friend. How would we ever live this down? I ran into my shower to try to wash away the shame I felt at taking advantage of this kid who was NOT a man…technically.

Coming from my bathroom I saw him still lying there with a shit-eating grin. I told him to get out and that I was ashamed of using him for my womanly needs.

“Oh! So, you think you can just get rid of me? This wasn’t some sort of jerk off instructions, woman.He said with a sly grin. “This is EVERYTHING for me!” I looked back in fear and desire. So, do you think that’s where we ended things? Or was there more of a Storm brewing than even I knew? Check me for the ultimate in ageplay phone sex (younger or older). Giggle.



Boy Next Door Fantasy Fuck