Bound and Tied to the Bed

My head slammed against the headboard. His dick pounded away at my pink parts. I was tied to the bed, bound by my wrists and ankles, spread open. I couldn’t stop looking at his arms, how tense his muscles were, this guy I barley knew grunted through his vicious thrusts.

So I felt my body getting hot, and my head was swimming. He had to hear how hard my head was banging against the headboard. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and bit. I squealed, and his thrusts grew harder. I was going to cum all over him.

Then I managed to get out ” You’re gonna make me…” and His pace quickened, and he reared back kneeling between my legs fast fucking me. Tied to the bed, I can’t touch him. His demeanor says this was purposeful. I want to touch him, I wanted my nails to break his flesh as I flooded his rod with my juices.

He fucked harder through my orgasm.

It was torture. I came unglued with him inside of me. I lost control. My wrists and ankles strained against the ropes he had me tied to the bed by. I could feel the raw sensation at my joints. He was deep dicking me now. His sculpted body penetrating mine deeper with each thrust. I wanted to feel him. I wanted his cock to swell up, I wanted him to release himself inside of me.

How did he know I loved feeling helpless?, better yet, how did he know I love being tied to the bed? Then I realized, I did have one little thing I could use.

My Sinister Tongue.

And with it, I began to beg for him to fill me.

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