Bound and Gagged

In a dark dungeon I hang there, my hands and feet bound, you stand in front of me with your leather wrapped paddle.I know what’s coming, It’s kind of become a routine now. You like to tie me up and leave me there hanging there while you go out drinking and flirting, then when you’ve had your fill you come home drunk and start to punish me.Bound and gagged (because you don’t want the neighbors to hear my screams) you begin your fun.

First you turn me so my ass is facing you and with that first hard smack I know it has begun the harder you hit me the more I want to scream out in agony from the pain.

 You must have gotten turned down by one of the many women you enjoy flirting with on your little adventure out,because tonight you are being extremely rough, I feel a trickle of blood slide down my ass cheek as you smack me again, I want to scream but I know if I do then you will only hit me harder. I hate you!

Next you decide to turn me around so I am facing you and there in your hand is your electric shock nipple clamps, you slowly clamp one to each of my nipples and then you slowly turn the dial, and I feel the pulsing throbbing shocks as you kick it up a little at a time. I feel myself getting aroused and I feel my pussy start to ache, just as I start to enjoy myself and am getting to the point to where I want to cum, you see that look on my face, and you won’t let me, not today it’s not about my pleasure it’s about yours.

You walk over to your little table of toys and I see you light a match, as the smoke from the now blow out match starts creeping up to the ceiling you walk over with your candle in hand, and you begin to drip the red wax onto my naked body first my nipples, then my stomach, then down onto my legs and feet. I feel the pain of the wax as it cools on my skin. After setting your candle down you remove the gag from my mouth and command I open it wide.

Your cock is as hard as a rock and you begin to insert it into my mouth slowly at first.

Then you begin to shove it down my throat to the point I start to gag and cough, you grab my hair and start to face fuck me faster and harder….

If you want to know what happens next call one of the Phone Sex Girls in the Phone Sex Kingdom