Bottom Bitch: The Sub Gets Dominate

So I return to from vacation to receive a surprise from one of the boy’s here. I thought he was a real man, you know a man who enjoys slamming his cock in pussy and owning whatever woman he comes into contact with.”Boy was I wrong.” I won’t tell you his name but just know I call him my bottom bitch now. I wasn’t disappointed that he isn’t  a real cock for my cock loving whore self. I was slightly excited with the thought of taking a break from real men to tease and abuse this pathetic excuse of a “man”.

Let me tell you he is a nasty little pussy. He love to indulge in everything golden,brown and red. The greatest part to me I have the absolute task of dressing up my bottom bitch for my sole entertainment.

Why call him my bottom bitch?

Since that term is usually reserved for a pimp’s best hoe, I call him that because I use his little man pussy to make sure I stay in all the things my pretty little heart desires that is money, sexy lingerie, perfume and the best Moscato that the stores have to offer.

I get to pour myself a glass and watch him fuck and suck his way to my fortune. Although he didn’t turn out to be the piece of man meat, I am glad I have a new toy.  Do you think you would enjoy taking direction from a sub? Do you need a break from a regular Mistress? Try you hand at cock loving whore domination. I know my bottom bitch is happy to serve me. knowing he loves cleaning up the mess from real men. I know he likes to whore himself for my happiness. I’m so glad that he’s not a real man. Do you wanna be a sub for me?

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