So, What Are Your Hottest Boss Sex Stories? 

There are a lot of steamy boss sex stories.  What would you do to get a coveted promotion?  It’s truly amazing when a grand opportunity comes up, the underhanded things some will do to get a promotion.

However, it is also quite hot to tell this story of lust, corruption, and drama.  It’s amazing to see the claws and testosterone spike.  You can almost feel the change in the room, feel the nerves, and changes in demeanor change in normally nice people.

So one day, a promotion became available because the person who had that position got into a car accident.  It was rather a sad story that I will spare details on.  However, it meant the position became highly sought after and had to be filled soon…

A substantial raise coupled with company perks is enough to make anyone jump at the opportunity to try and get any promotion possible.  Everyone thought the office slut would get the job.  Not only did the secretaries apply, but the interns and many of the guys who worked there.

Everyone seemed to go above and beyond to get the job!

Over the next few weeks, people scrambled to fill out the application, go in for interviews, tests, and of course a new resume.  We found out our boss was doing the interviews.  Anyone who got the job would be working closely with him.  Overall he was a nice guy on the outside.  We would come to find out he was anything but nice.

At that time, I wasn’t interested in applying for the position.  You’re probably wondering why.  For some reason, our boss gave me the creeps.  Just something about him seemed so weird and unsettling.

My co-worker Claire went in for an interview with our boss.  I wondered how the interview would go.  The door to the office was closed for at least forty-five minutes.  She came out nearly crying.

Once in the boss’s office, he asked her the normal questions.  Then, it just went downhill from there.  Next, he asked her about her dress style, and her relationship status because she would be traveling with him a lot for business trips if she was selected.  At first, she didn’t see anything too alarming.

However, all that changed in a second.

Next, the boss had her remove her top and asked to see her breasts.  He wanted to know anyone who accompanied him had to be physically pleasing to the eyes.  He stood in front of her and ordered her to her knees to test her physical endurance or so he said.  Finally, he made her pull his pants down below his waist and take out his dick.

He forced his cock inside of her mouth and started to fuck her pretty face.  This definitely seemed like the typical boss sex stories interviews gone wrong.   After he had shot his load in her mouth, he made her swallow it all down.

Next, his secretary went in for the job.  Everyone thought for sure that she would get the job.  After all, they spent a lot of time together.  Besides being his closest assistant she knew all of his quirks and what he wanted.

The secretary was up to the task!

There was no way he could not choose her.  His secretary’s name was Carolyn.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  If her blue eyes didn’t draw a man in then her firm tits, short skirts, and round hips would be enough to draw in the guys.

Carolyn was up for the interview.  After coming out of his office, she was more than ready to talk about how they fucked on his desk.  Questions soon stopped when she started removing her skirt and flashed her tits and sexy legs.  I thought I had heard noises in the office, but ignored it.

So who got the job?

Well funny it turns out I got the job.  I went into the boss’s office to deliver a report that was due for a presentation.  The door was partially cracked.  Apparently, it had not been closed earlier.  The sight of a guy sucking the boss’s cock was enough to make my eyes turn.  I had no idea the boss liked guys.

The sight of the boss’s cock fucking this guy’s face was so hot.  It made me want a nice cock right then and there.  The boss was so afraid of me telling, I got the job on the spot without an interview.

There is more I’d love to share with you.  What are your hot boss sex stories?  Ready for some hot phone sex now?  Call me and let’s have some slutty office fun.

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