Women have seen it all: big cocks, average dicks, and at least one pathetic tiny dick!

I’m sure women have seen all kinds of dicks in the wild, but probably not a sad pathetic tiny dick. If they have, they would probably run back over to the club or party to get a newer better package. You can’t blame her for wanting the best of the best, right?

All hot guys start out with little dicks but eventually get larger as time goes on. We know when a dick is large you can see the bulge under the guy’s pants. Those unfortunate guys with the pathetic tiny dick get left by the wayside. I feel you, tiny dick men. However, it has forced you to be good at oral skills and other things that your lady needs, so it’s not all bad.

Ashley had all the things girls wanted and guys drooled over!

My friend Ashley told me this story about her boss and his pathetic tiny dick.

Ashley works at a large tech company as a software developer. My friend worked very hard to get where she was but had lots of challenges being a girl in the tech industry.

Ashley has a gorgeous body that made guys stop and stare. She had nice curves, an ample chest, and nice long legs, but always hid that body under her business attire. But her eyes and face showed off her natural beauty. She is the full package and so smart and sweet.

Big boss with the pathetic tiny dick!

Ashley told me that she got a new boss, hired from a totally different department. At first, he seemed nice, but then he started making Ashley the target of his attention. He would often stare at her during meetings. Then came the offers for other things, if you know what I mean, for promotions and raises. Secretly under the surface, she thought he was cute, but couldn’t go there.

Thus came the day she sought to get even!

Ashley eventually had enough of his behavior and vowed to get even. She was going to take him up on his offer but in return for more than a promotion. She had deeper plans to snag him and make him her property.

So Ashley said she was ready to meet him in his office to discuss his proposal.  More than a little thrilled he set up a meeting for later that day. He even moved a meeting around so that he could meet with Ashley.

The plan initiated, and now on to the next step. Ashley brought clothes that day to change for her meeting with the boss. She brought a nice red dress that would be sure to show off those prize-winning legs under that red dress.

Ashley went to that meeting and got so much more than a raise. 

He promised her a raise if he could only see more of her body. She upped the ante by demanding a promotion, raise, and other company expenses. After getting his promise on paper, she slowly started to undress for him. He took his package out. Ashley’s mouth dropped when she saw it.

Not for the reason you may think but because his dick was so tiny. She had to squint to finally see where it was. His pathetic tiny dick was mostly hidden in his hand. I think Ashley’s reaction made him both humiliated and turned on. She laughed and taunted his small dick. Then she threatened to tell everyone if she didn’t get everything she wanted. By this time it was too late for the big boss. She knew she had him. Anything she wanted she could have.

Furiously, he stroked his dick while she did a striptease for him in his office. Ashley had perfect hard nipples which she let him touch. Her pussy was so juicy and pink like candy.  Her fingers went deep inside of her as he looked at her mesmerized and unable to move from his desk. Next, she sat on his lap and told him to stroke his little wee-wee for her and he would feel all better. He stroked and well, she laughed.

Who owns who now?

Well, you could say the tables turned from that day on. Was Ashley proud of what she did? Not particularly. But she got what she wanted and so much more. His intent was to show her who was the boss. However, Ashley ended up making him her little pet and got whatever she wanted.

There was more that happened, but I’ll save that for another time.

Right now I’m ready to hear all of your phone sex fantasies.


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