My boss, Mr. Danberry, has been checking me out since the day I started. He doesn’t even try to hide it.  My ass is his favorite pass-time during working hours. His eyes always go right from my tits straight to my sexy sweetheart ass. Just like most men, he has a weakness for a “fine piece of art.”
Yesterday he called me into his office and closed the door behind him and asked  “Do you know why I wanted to see you Raven?” I had a pretty good idea, but kept quiet, because he’s the kind of guy that likes to be in control. “I’ve seen you going around in those little skirts.” he told me, as he came up behind me and put his hand on my arm. “Did you know – You make it very difficult to concentrate?.” Looking at him with a puzzled face, I was trying to figure out where he was heading with this conversation.  He continued with “Over the past few months, my wife’s been neglecting here wifely duties.  Giving this topic much thought, I think you would be a nice fill in.”  Chuckling to myself,  strike on I thought and I played it off,  by saying “Oh I don’t know if sleeping with the boss is a good idea.” He held my arm tighter and replied “Too bad, I always get what I want.” he obviously doesn’t know me too well.
Mr. Danberry, had been in control long enough. It was my turn. “You little man, I’ve seen the way you’ve been staring at my ass and I think it’s time you got a closer look. I know that’s what you crave. Isn’t it?” I asked him and rubbed my ass against him. He gave a soft gasp, as I felt him harden against my ass crack.  Slowly he lifted my skirt up and took my panties off. Crunching my silky black lace panties against his nose. “You’re so fucking hot.” he told me, as he ran his hands over me. I bent over his desk and braced myself, as I spread my legs apart. He pushed my ass cheeks apart and put his face right up against my ass. I waited to see what he would do. I felt a little wet flick, as he quickly licked over my hole. He did it again, slower this time, to get a better taste of me. Once my hole was wet from his spit, I reached my hand back and grabbed his hair. “Get closer.” I told him, as I pushed his face into my ass. I moved his face back and forth between my cheeks and he moaned. I then held him still, smothering him with them.  I could feel him nuzzled against my tight little butt hole.  Grinding back against his face, I shoved his nose deeper and deeper.  I could tell he was getting very excited with each push.  His breathing grew stronger, as his hands rubbed the sides of my ass cheeks. Pressing him harder against me. “Quit moving and just enjoy it.” I said in a stern gasping voice. I knew he couldn’t handle losing control to me. Yet he relaxed long enough to grip my ass cheeks firmly and bury his face deep in my ass.
After a while, I thought he had enough of me, I gently pushed him away and stood up straight.  I fixed my skirt and left my panties on the floor. “If you want to play some more I’m going to need a raise. lil grin> Think about it and let me know. If it makes me happy,  I will allow you to worship and kiss my ass.   I know you will be looking for a little “afternoon delight” every day before you go home to your wife.  Call me into your office and we can work something out. Maybe!” He looked at me and seemed excited by the thought. “I’ll give you whatever you wife won’t.” I told him and left him so I could get back to work.
Are you interested in a little one on one Ass Worshiping, Smothering, Tease and Denial, Cuckolding, mixed with a perfect combination or Edging, Mutual or Guided Masturbation?   The Sky is the Limit and It’s your fantasy – so Anything goes. Come explore your erotic experiences with me. I’m always up for a good story – fantasy or reality!!  Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. Join me for Ass Worship Wednesday and receive a Limited time SPECIAL Treat from me. Cum take advantage of the special – I’m waiting for you now.
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