I fantasize about swallowing his hose.

Rob is at the hospital and I’m sitting at my desk working.  Anna is gone for the weekend and I’m following up on some work correspondence.  Since my desk is by our front window, I can’t help but see what’s going on outside.  Alex is obsessed about his yard so the couple spends quite a bit of free time working on it.  Although it goes without saying the sight of Anna makes my pussy immediately wet, I can’t help keep myself from watching Alex.  As he carries the garden hose from the garage to the spigot by their door, I fantasize about swallowing his hose.

Anna and I (obviously) enjoy spending time together alone, but Rob and I enjoy spending time with Anna and Alex doing things as couples.  We go out to dinner every other week (as the men’s schedules allow) and they spend at least one afternoon during the weekend with us poolside.  This is how I discovered the size of his cock.

II have no need or interest (unlike some women) to have a monster dick in my pussy. I may not often get it, but Rob’s cock is a perfect size and I fear anything bigger could only rearrange my internal organs.  However, at present, that fear isn’t keeping my fantasy at bay. I’m thirsty and want to drink from his hose.

I walk across the street and, after explaining to Alex the teenager who mows our grass ran over our hose, ask if I could borrow his when he’s finished.  He agrees and says he’ll bring it over in about an hour.  Then, he grins mischievously and asks where I want him to put it.

I return my own mischievous grin and tell him to just come inside and I’ll show him.

A little more than an hour later, I hear the front door open and he calls my name.  I come around the corner and see not only his same mischievous grin but a look of pure lust in his eyes and his huge cock.  It’s so hard it’s almost coming out the top of his shorts.  He reaches down and, through the material, strokes the length of his shaft.  I waste no time.

I unbutton his shorts and push them down to his ankles.  As he steps out of them, I remove my shirt and bra and sit down on the sofa.  He moves in front of me and, after a brief look up at his face, I lick my lips and kiss the tip of his dick.  My tongue circles the huge mushroom head and, as I reach my hand between his legs to fondle his balls, I open my mouth wide and start to take his length into my mouth.

I feel him at the back of my throat but his shaft isn’t close to being all the way inside my mouth.  Thinking of it inside Anna’s pussy I continue forcing his cock deeper.  In and out, as I gag and my eyes water, I suck, fuck, and swallow as much of him as I can.  I take my mouth off his cock briefly and, after spitting between my breasts, I lean back and he fucks my tits.

He moans and knowing he’s close to cumming, I take him back into my mouth.

Massaging harder, I coax the creamy cum from his balls until I feel it shooting down my throat.  My thirst satiated by his hose, we both redress and head outside.

He hooks the garden hose to our spigot and I smile to myself.  I’ll probably go to hell for coveting both Anna and Alex, but I have no doubt I can find a hose there to keep my thirst quenched.

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