I knew Daddy wanted to hang out with friends but I’m such a cum slut and had other ideas about that.

Daddy was watching sports the other night and I was supposed to be a good girl and leave him alone so he could watch it in peace with two of his friends. He should have known better because seriously, when have I ever behaved? I managed to kill some time in my room by screwing around online but I didn’t want to play with any of the boys on there. I wanted my Daddy.

 Then I wandered into the living room and sat on the arm of the couch. “Daddy, I’m bored,” I said, swinging my legs back and forth and pretending not to notice his friends Zack and Bill staring at me in my sheer black nightie. “The game’s over in a couple of hours.” he said, keeping his eyes on the screen until Zack said, “Forget the game, let’s give her something to do.” I grinned and teasingly replied “Ooh, what did you have in mind?” I let out a loud laugh as daddy grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto his lap, making my nightie fly up and showing everyone my bare pussy. Daddy saw his friends looking at me and said “Isn’t she cute?” as he began touching me, his hand going up my leg then to my pussy.

 He fingered me as I felt his dick get hard under me and his friends watched as they rubbed themselves through their jeans.

Zack was the first one to undo them and he took his dick out, jerking off as I moaned and begged Daddy to finger me faster.

That made Bill more confident and he did the same thing, breathing hard as he began to pump his dick. My daddy took his fingers out of me and held me as Zack moved closer. His hand jerking his dick with quick strokes. Daddy pulled my head back and kissed me as Zack groaned loudly and wetness splattered on my neck as he came. Zack pumped his dick a few more times then he stood there watching. Daddy pushed me onto the ground and forced me to kneel between Bill’s legs.

 His big hard dick was in his fist and he slid his hand down as Daddy made me put my mouth on it. I swallowed it whole and began sucking him off while daddy held my head down. I could feel him throbbing against my tongue as I moved up and down and I went faster as he moaned and his legs tensed up. When he was about to cum my dad yanked me up and I got a face full of cum as Bill shot his load on me.

It went everywhere, going all over my mouth and chin.

I went to stand up but Daddy told me to stay where I was. He stood over me as he shoved his dick in my face. It hit me and I opened my mouth for Daddy but he didn’t stick it in. He was too close for the that. He quickly began jerking off, pre-cum leaking out of him. His dick slapping against me now and then as he got himself off. I rubbed the tops of his thighs and fondled his balls until they jerked up in my hand and Daddy came for me. His cum fell on top of Zack and Bill’s in wet blobs and he grabbed at me, holding my face against him.

     The last few drops of cum fell on me. I felt so nasty as it dripped down my face in thick, wet lines. No one cared about the game anymore and I had all the attention I wanted from Daddy. What a great night!

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