After Things Got A Little Boring, I Decided To Spice Things Up And The Sex Was Amazing!

Being able to spice things up and have amazing sex, has never been hard for me, but the way it happened this time around and with whom, will have your mind spinning and your cock hard. It happened about 5 years ago, I was dating this special guy and after about 1 year of fucking, things became a little boring in the bedroom. Naturally, I wanted to spice things up!

One night while we were going at it, I told him I wanted to him to cum inside of me and suck his cum out of my pussy. To my surprise, he agreed to oblige my request!

It all began when I made a reservation at our favorite fuck pad. I reserved the room, while he was at work and made sure I was there in time to get all sexy. I left a message for him to meet me there and that his key would be at the front desk. Like a good boy, he followed my instructions and it wasn’t long before he was entering the room and there I was lying on the bed, spread eagle waiting for him to stick his prick deep inside of me.

It was then that he immediately took off his clothes, grabbed my legs at the ankles and forcefully shoved his big 8-inch cock into my tight pussy. Fucking me harder and harder, just the way I like it… never hurt soooo good!

After pounding my pussy for a good while, he finally made his deposit…..hmmm I loved the feeling of his pulsating cock blows its load into my honey pot. Immediately, I grabbed the top of his head and push it down towards my swollen sopping wet pussy and he went to town. Sucking up every bit of his and my juices, he took it all in like a champion. It felt so good; I could hardly stand it. But the fun wasn’t over yet……………Did I mention he was my brother? So you like steamy sibling actions huh? Then you’ll love fantasy incest phone sex with me, your little sister!

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