I’ll Be Your Bootie Call

It’s 1 am and your cock is as hard as a rock. So what do you do? You call me, baby. I’ll Be Your Bootie Call. It doesn’t matter how late it is. I am your kinky sexy freak who is down for everything especially if means going down on you. I will be your naughty late night kinky treat that you can bang and eat.

Nothing is off limits for me. If you’re hanging out with your drunk beer guzzling friends and you’re looking for a whorish bitch to run a gangbang on then I’m your girl. I have enough holes to take you all on. I can suck one of you, while I hand job and stroke another, and another one of your friends can ram it up my ass. Oh yes, baby, I can you and your friends on all night long. I will be the life of your party.

Or if you’d rather have me all to yourself I am down for that too. Sneak out on your wife and cum on over to my place, baby. I’ve got some sexy lingerie that clings to my body and let you see just what a hot bitch I am. You can sit back and stroke it while I do my sexy striptease for you. Would you like that, baby? Would you like to see me take off my clothes one by one and let you lick, suck, and fuck me any way you want?

I know you would, baby. I know you would.

But if you’re away from home and out of town on business and still need me to make you cum harder than you ever have in your life don’t worry, baby. I have another way to jerk you off. All you have to do baby is just call me. Call me while your cock is in your hand and I will give you the best phone sex you had. You will cum hard for me. You know there is nothing like MILF phone sex. And I am the MILF of your dreams. Just remember any day of the week, any time of the day. I’ll Be Your Bootie Call.


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