Movies and books, like certain songs, can also make me horny.

I have a very powerful imagination and, because I’m always horny, it probably isn’t hard to believe most movies and books add to my need for cock; however, I’m not talking about pornography.  I’m talking about any movie or book which even remotely hints at the possibility of sex.

In all actuality, the movies and books themselves don’t need to remotely hint at anything; if I want certain charters to fuck, one way or another, they will.

It goes without saying movies like 9 ½ Weeks and books like Fifty Shades of Grey have me sliding out of my chair onto a dildo, but it’s movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula that really get my dirty imagination going full steam.

In some of my fantasies, I am Mina, but in most, I’m the slutty Lucy.  I love teasing my suitors and, even though I’ve accepted Arthur’s proposal of marriage, I can’t help but continue teasing Dr. John and Quincey.

One night, as I’m sleepwalking through my garden, I’m attacked by a large dog.  After it pushes me onto the cold, stone bench, it sinks its teeth into my neck while its cock tears through my virginity to fuck my pussy hard.

I’m unaware this dog is actually a wolf, and this wolf is actually Count Dracula.

As my health continues to deteriorate, the only one who realizes the bite marks on my neck are from a vampire is Dr. Van Helsing.  Although they drape my room and my neck with garlic, it doesn’t keep the Dracula away.  He evades the spells against him and attacks me again.

Dr. Van Helsing summons my fiance to my bedside.  As Arthur leans to kiss me goodbye, I’m thirsty for his blood.  At the moment I try to sink my canine-sharp teeth into his neck, Van Helsing pushes him away from me.  The men stand off to the side of the room as the wolf, Count Dracula, crashes through my window to again fuck me and devour what’s left of my blood and body.

Lucy is dead, but since Dracula actually wants Mina (as he believes she is the reincarnate of his beloved wife) I can now take over Mina’s role and fuck that naughty wolf Dracula again.  This time, however, I think I’ll have him stick his snout into my pussy.  After all, if he wants to eat me, he should do it right.

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