Boobs for masters enjoyment…

Boobs my new master says are the gateway to both pleasure and hell. He was staring at me in my little black dress undressing me with his eyes as he sipped his whiskey on the rocks. Take off your dress he told me to do it slowly so he could enjoy it. There I was in the middle of his office in my lacy black bra and g string bikinis and black high heels. He was liking what he saw. Then he sat down his drink and told me to come to him.

He rushed and opened my bra and sucked my boobs like a mad man it was painful, “please be gentle”  is what could escape out of my mouth but he kept sucking and biting my boobs. Gritted his teeth in between each nipple leaving them red and swollen. He paused for only a moment to tell me I was a good little slut. Then it was right back to sucking, biting, and flicking my nipples.

Swollen, red, and almost to the point of bleeding, he smiled at me and told me what a brave and strong little whore I am.

He then grabbed me and threw me on the sofa, removed my panties and was happy to see my clean shaved pussy. He smiled at me and worked his way down my chest giving my nipples one last hard bite each I moaned in pain. Then he continues his way down and started licking my pussy and inserted two fingers inside of me. It felt amazing as he licked my clit and reached his fingers deep inside of me, I began to moan. He then took his free hand and brought it up to my boobs and starting with my left nipple he starts pinching it hard. As he did this he started fingering me even faster…

Wanna know what happened next?

Teen Phone Sex!