New Step-mommy’s Forbidden Fruit!

Since the day we met, I’ve hated my Step-mommy. She’s always been a bitch to me and I am surely one to her. Daddy thinks that if we spend some time together as a family, we will bond more. Little does he know my new Step-mommy and I will be bonding better than ever after this trip. Of course, no one would have ever thought that I would be dipping my fingers into my Step-mommy’s forbidden fruit.

Bitchy Step-mommy!

Daddy’s new wife is such a bitch! But with the holidays coming soon, he thought it would be a good idea to take a family vacation to our winter cabin. He left for a business trip two days before vacation. Leaving me alone with my bitchy Step-mommy. We didn’t say much to each other those two days. The night before leaving, I woke up to use the bathroom and heard moaning coming from my Dad and Step-mommy’s room.

Making my way to their room, peering through the cracked door, I see my Step-mommy getting her pussy pounded by a sex-machine. While the sight wasn’t what I expected, it was really turning me on. Her moans were escaping her like a sexy siren, seducing me into wanting my Step-mommy’s forbidden fruit. The longer I watch, I find myself sliding my hands into my panties and rubbing my aching clit until my panties are soaked with cum. Making my way back to my room, I dream about my Step-mommy’s forbidden fruit.

Family bonding with Step-mommy’s forbidden fruit!

After arriving at the cabin, Daddy called saying his flight’s delayed. My Step-mommy got upset that he wouldn’t be here and started to act like a bossy little whore, demanding he be here with us. After a little while passes,  the thought of my Step-mommy’s forbidden fruit starts to dance around my naughty mind. Since Daddy wanted us to bond, what better way to do that than to physically get to know each other better.

Upon entering the master bedroom, you can hear the shower running in the background. Looking around, I noticed she had her sex machine set up next to the bed. Curiosity takes over as I start to undress and turn on the machine. Spreading my legs open, I guide the thrusting dildo into my wet pussy. Moans start to release my quivering body as my Step-mommy steps out from the bathroom wearing only a towel. I convinced her the best way for us to bond is for us to physically get to know each other. My hands start to slide up her legs and I start to finger my Step-mommy’s forbidden fruit.

Our new bond!

The towel falls to the floor and she climbs on top and lowers her mature pussy onto my face. As I begin to flick my tongue on her clit, I hear the machine turn on. The sudden thrusting fills my moist pussy causing me to let out a deafening moan. She grinds her pussy against my tongue and her juices flow into my naughty mouth. Feeling her clit start to throb as she reaches her climax sends me into a frantic spasm. We finally both release our astronomic orgasms then sit back and marvel at our new bond.

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