Body Worship doesn’t just serve your Goddess now does it?

When I let you drag your tongue across my soft Goddess skin is most certainly a gift for you. Thinking of all the ways to please me takes time, and I won’t do that for just any pet. You have learned to kiss me from head to toe delivering the best Body Worship is a wonderful thing. Earning the pleasure of touching my soft supple skin is always your objective. Those little sexy black lace panties you gave me for Christmas are getting wet because your lips are working overtime.

Craving that GFE Phone Sex my naughty sexy voice gives you like crazy, right? Those long nights away from my gorgeous body when all you want is to be near me. Lay at my feet and hold my toes in your hand. Look up into my eyes showing me just how bad you want me. Think of my smell and taste on your tongue. Now bring your face down to the top of my foot and kiss it because I love it. Make me moan and reach up to pull my own hair with desires for more. Begin licking my toes on top, underneath, and between them so they become wet with your drool.

Begin working your way up my long slender smooth legs with that eager tongue. Licking while watching my reaction as you lay down the Body Worship on your love. I tell you how and when to grip ahold of that hard cock of yours for Guided Masturbation. We play by my rules at all times, and you always obey. When I instruct you to lick to the left or right you do it with a dirty smile on your face. Just by laying where you can feel me and taste me you are in heaven.

Now that my calves and knees have been covered bring that mouth up to my thighs. Begin to suck and nibble my juicy hips and thighs until your cock is throbbing. Grip tighter I say while my pussy begins to drip with anticipation. You start really working on my hip bones making me push my body up. The sensation gets a hold of me and I can’t control myself. Stroke that thick dick I command. Bring your thumb up and over the head so I can see it shine. Faster and harder you jerk your dick off for me while getting closer to licking my slit.

Slide that fat tongue up and down that pretty wet line between my pussy lips. Trace the soaking little outline to my pink pussy and get me moaning loud. Now worship the pussy of your goddess and show me who you love and adore. I am the one and only being of perfection, and you will enjoy your sacrament tonight. Talking dirty to you while continuing instructions on handling that cock. Getting close to cumming and its time to kiss that little clit. Beg for my cum baby. Plead with me to give it to you.


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