Body paint is not something you can get done just anywhere.

Body paint and an exhibitionist personality go hand in hand. When you are lucky enough to find a good artist you’ve gotta just go for it. I’ve been painted more than once and I really enjoy the whole process.
The last time I had some body paint done was down in Key West for Fantasy Fest. I wasn’t planning on doing anything too wild while I was down there, but things tend to go sideways when you’re in Key West. There are too many bars and fun places to get into trouble. I have a way of always finding the naughty activities and diving in head first. So, ofcourse once I saw how awesome the people looked after getting their body painting done, I was eager for my turn.

If you’ve ever been tickled with a stiff feather duster then you might have some inkling of what a strange sensation being painted on is. At times it’s just a soft whisper across the skin and other times it can feel firm and bristly.

I find it very arousing and erotic.

The feeling of wet paint gliding over my breasts and between my legs gets me so turned on. My entire body so responsive and focused on the feeling. I sometimes mess the paint up between my legs because my juices wash the pigment away, never mind how I have to clench my thighs together to keep from shoving the artist face first into my pussy.

It’s hard to describe how sexy you feel knowing that from a distance it looks like you’re just wearing a regular bikini. I feel a true rush when I see the moment people realize I’m not wearing clothes and that I’m totally naked. The good thing about Fantasy Fest is everyone is painted! Modesty goes out the door and fun rushes in. I thoroughly enjoy bar hopping in my painted bikini.

Can anybody say free drinks? Cheers to being sexy!

Best Phone Sex!