My Body Exploded, Just Like Those Fireworks!

I had a long-standing wish come true last night and oh my goodness, was it fucking amazing!! All I wanted to do was explode like those fireworks exploded!! I wondered if I was having sex with someone, during fireworks, would anyone notice. Discreet public sex is my favorite! I love the thought of potentially getting caught, but scared at the same time. Well, tonight I found out!

My buddy Shawn and I decided to go see some local fireworks, after a fun BBQ and specifically to give my wish a whirl. I dressed in my usual attire, tank top, mini-skirt, strappy scandals….no panties, of course! We drove a few towns over, where they scheduled fireworks actually on the 4th of July and set up our little spot. Just so we wouldn’t look obvious we even brought a cooler with some snacks and beer…although eating and drinking were not high on our priorities list hahaha.

Now, just so y’all know, we made sure that the spot we picked was crowded and full of people!

Seemed like there were couples all over the place, though I am certain none came for the reasons Shawn and I did! As soon as it got dark, the show began and as soon as everyone seemed absorbed by it, WE let our show begin. We started with some casual kissing and some light petting. No one was saying anything, so we looked around and not a soul was looking at us. So far so good. I quickly unzipped Shawn’s jeans, so I could have better access.

We lay facing each other so that it would just look like we were VERY amorous kissers. I didn’t actually want to freak people out by being naked. I’ve had sex outside, naked, but I didn’t do it in front of other people. Maybe I’ll tell you that story next time. Because Shawn and I were facing each other and were snuggled close, it wasn’t hard for us to take our petting to another level.

My hand was on his cock and his hand was up to my skirt and his finger was on my clit.

I have to tell you that he was already hard and it took me about 20 seconds to cum. I know, for both of us it was the thought of all those people around. We had been kissing and looking into each other’s eyes, but as soon as I came, we both started to quietly laugh. I think we both knew we were gonna get away with it, cuz we both knew that Shawn was gonna cum almost as fast as me. Shawn pulled my hips to him and I glanced around to make sure no one was watching as I slipped his cock inside me. Shawn let out a soft moan and I giggled.

We started to kiss and hug and touch each other’s faces, but less than a minute in I could feel Shawn start to shudder. I looked at his face and we both were having a hard time keeping quiet. I hadn’t really thought that part through. We both like to get loud during sex and it was building up in both of us. So, we grabbed each other tightly and buried our faces in each other’s chest and tried to be as quiet as possible. I exploded first, followed quickly by Shawn. Unfortunately, Shawn wasn’t as quiet as I was, however, just then a really large firework display went off and the crowd cheered!! I whispered in Shawn’s ear, “They think you did a wonderful job and so do I”, he started laughing his ass off. So, that’s how my 4th went. Would you please tell me about yours?

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