Sometimes I’m The Blushing Shy Girl

I know I can be the ultimate bitch at times, down right bratty and in need of the most discipline but there’s another side of me you’ll love just as much. Sometimes I’m the shy girl.

You know, I wasn’t always a loud and vulgar bitch…when my pussy was still virgin I as quiet and kept to myself. I wore more modest clothes and perfect white cotton panties. My ass still looks amazing in them so I think it’s time to put them back on. I’ve seen you and round and the aggressive, dominant look in your eyes makes me blush so easily. I’m completely covered but I still find myself putting my hands over my chest. Where has this bitchy, takes no shit girl gone? When I’m with you, I revert back to the Victoria who was so coy about opening her own legs.

I have no idea how I’ve let you lure me to your house, but for some reason you’re beyond intrigued with me. Is it my skirt and dress shirt you can’t wait to rip off? The smile that never shows my teeth? My goodness I’m still that shy girl that can’t even make eye contact with you. Ugh, by now my face looks like a tomato, I’m sure of it!

I’m still so reserved and nervously giggling as I feel your hands start at the base of my back and slowly move to my neck.

 I can feel.your hands putting me at ease but I’m still clenched together pussy included. I want to break out and be the tantalizing temptress I’ve become but I’m over powered and completely seduced by you…I just don’t know how to show it. You move my hair to one side and I bite my lip and try to look in the opposite direction when I feel your lips sink into my soft spot. You spin me around and make me strip for you. I’m slowly removing my outfit, one article at a time and still trying to remain covered up. I’m down to my bra and panties…those perfect white cotton ones. Still nervously I move my hands and stand completely straight in front of you.

You walk toward me and unhook my bra, breathing heavily on my skin. You lay me on the bed and my legs are crossed tight. I’ve gotten this far and I’m feeling more shy than ever. Your hand slips up my thighs like a knife going through smooth butter and I’m instantly spread.

“Show me how a shy girl plays with herself. Move your panties to the side and show me your lips.”

I do it so obediently and show you my tight little snatch. I spread until you can see my clit and my finger find their way inside me. “Keep going” you say as you start undressing. You haven’t taken your eyes off my sweet pink cunt since I showed you. I’m still avoiding eye contact and chewing on my bottom lip, tomato faced and everything, and still mesmerized by how hard I’ve made your cock. My other hand is covering my tits and I can feel how erect my nipples have become. You move both my hands to the side and pin me down, and I instantly look away.

I feel the tip of your cock on the outside of my wet slit and I feel.absolutely exposed. “Uh-uh, when I fuck you, you look at nothing but me. Open your eyes, spread wider, and take the cock that you derserve. You’ve been coy long enough and right now you’re mine.”

Shy Schoolgirl Phonesex