Blowing Dad for a very special Father’s Day was Sam’s best gift ever.

Blowing Dad probably sounds pretty sick, right? Well, it really wasn’t so bad. My Dad wasn’t a bad looking guy. My parents were in their teens when they had me. Plus he wasn’t around that much when I was growing up. Ok, those are not great excuses for putting your father’s dick in your mouth, but I thought I would start there.

So it was Father’s Day and I almost forgot. I was waitressing and I was also in a band so I was pretty busy, working, rehearsing, performing, fucking and partying.  About 3 PM when remembered it was Father’s Day. Fuck, I thought. I was still hung over, still in the clothes from last night. I was in some random dude’s bed…

He sounded down when I called him. I decided to go over to his place. I swiped a 1/2 full bottle of Jack Daniels from the guy’s kitchen and headed to my Dad’s place. When I got there, my Dad was already high. He looked so sad. “Sam, I am sorry I sucked as a Dad.” I didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t there much. When he was he always seemed like he wanted to leave. “It’s ok Dad. We are together now. I love you.” I handed him the bottle of JD. he smiled and took a swig. “My girlfriend left me. I guess you are all I have left in the world, baby girl.” My Dad was always so dramatic.

We talked about a lot of stuff that day. It was actually a nice bonding time. Before I left, I said, “Dad, I do appreciate you and I want to make this a special Father’s Day.”

Before he could say anything I started to unzip his jeans. I pulled his cock out and put my face down on his lap. I started to lick and suck his cock and watched it grow. My daddy had his eyes closed as he sat back and enjoyed a nice long wet blowjob. He looked down at his daughter with his cock in her mouth and came quickly. I swallowed my daddy’s cum.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dirty Dad’s out there!


Blowing Dad -Sam gives Dad a BJ

Taboo Phone Sex!