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I suck at math. I know I need to pass this class but I hate it so much. My teacher knows this and he has taken extra time after class to help me. Sometimes he brushes up against me. It actually turns me on a little. He gets nervous when he is close to me, and I like that too.
I imagine me begging him for a better grade. Taking him into his office, shutting the door. Maybe I would plead my case and see how far I could take it.
I would wear a tight short skirt and a low cut almost see through blouse with my lace push up bra under it. I would take my book up to his desk and lean into him while I show him a math problem I will never get. I might whisper softly in his ear and suggest that maybe I could do something for him to improve my grade… see how he reacts.

“What might that be? ” he might ask. I would then get on my knees in from of his chair. I would look up at him with my big brown eyes smiling as I start to gently massage his crotch. I would see his cock twitch, and expand in his pants. I reach up to unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants so that I can gaze at that hardening cock.

My mouth waters with the anticipation of the taste of it. He won’t even know that I would suck it even without this deal. I love the feel of a hardening cock in my mouth- and imagining doing it to a teacher makes me wet. I masturbate to the thought of him touching my pussy, at his desk in his office. It will happen, and I will pass math!

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