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There is nothing like the feel of sticky hot cum.  It feels so good inside of your hot pussy.  Not to mention, it feels good all over your tits and tummy.  It can, in some cases, be symbolic of who the guy just banged.

So, well, everyone knows what happens when you go to a hot adult party.  Everyone knows you are in for some hot xxx sex, right?  I love going to a hot party with friends. You never know what will happen.

The air was filled with sticky hot cum already!

So, I went to a party with a friend, never intending for anything to happen.  I was so bored and decided a bit of fun wouldn’t be so bad.  I dressed up in my red dress and black stockings.

When I got to the party, there was already a very distinct smell of sticky hot cum lingering in the air.  I knew there would be lot of sex to be experienced.  As soon as we got there, my friend ditched me right away.

So then, I decided to mingle.  I ran across this snotty girl who was accompanied by this very handsome guy.  She was bossing him around so much.

She teased me so badly and made fun of me for not even bringing a guy along.  Just then, one of my guy friends came up to me and offered me something to drink.  The girl immediately latched onto him and they started talking.

So, they disappeared pretty quickly.

A while later, one of my friends came across them and told me that she was fucking almost every dude in the place. The handsome guy seemed sad and so we started talking.

He seemed a bit shy at first.  However, that changed as soon as we danced together.  Things started to heat up between us.  He kissed me tenderly on the dance floor.  I was blown away by his passion.

The air was filling up more with sticky hot cum.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  By then, he didn’t care that his girl ditched him.  We slipped off into a room and the heat was on and popping.

Our passion that night was so hot.  He undressed me fast as he kissed and licked every inch of my skin, it was something sweet and delicious.  Let’s just say I spilled more than my drink that night.  More liquids drained from my pussy than I had ever felt before.

I rode his face so hard as he licked and ate me out.  Then it was time for me to ride.  I’m a rider and love to be on top.  There are other ways I love to get fucked, but tonight I wanted to feel him inside of me and look into his bedroom-brown eyes.

I rode him and rode him.

There was more than sticky hot cum that night.  Let’s just say it was the beginning of something so very special.  I pumped his dick so hard and long.  He had never had sex like that before.

I gave him something he had never experienced before.  Perhaps if you call me, I’ll let you in on the secret.  After we finished, he looked into my eyes and asked me to marry him.

Well, that’s how I met my loving and fun husband.  I can’t wait to tell you so much more and tell you my sticky hot cum secret.

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