Sexy Incest Fun With My Older Sister

My sister and I were at my apartment watching movies and drinking wine. My boyfriend was away on a business trip. The movie was good. The guy was constantly shirtless, and I was getting extremely horny. My sister had changed when she got here to a skimpy tank top, and her little pink bikini briefs. I kept looking over and sneaking peaks at her barely contained D cup breasts and tiny waist. I wanted to feel her big breasts, to touch her, but I didn’t know exactly how to go about it, or how she’d feel about it. So I played it coy at first, leaning over to cuddle in a sisterly manner. She’d had nearly an entire bottle of wine to herself and was pretty intoxicated, so she was more than comfortable with cuddling her little sister.

Sexy Sister

I leaned over and kissed her neck. I expected her to yell and jump back, but instead she moaned from deep in her throat.

She’d been single for a few months and hadn’t been laid in as long, so she didn’t argue when I started kissing my way down her shoulder, her collarbone, her chest and to her big, perky breasts. I started licking her right nipple, ever so slowly and sensually. She moaned and arched her back, pressing her breast into my face, and I obliged. I loved the sound of my sister’s moan-it was so sexy.  I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth and slid my hand down to her pantie-clad pussy.

She was SO wet- her panties were completely soaked. I slid them aside and slid one finger smoothly in her tight, wet cunt, making her purr with excitement. I started finger fucking her, hard, while I sucked her nipples, each in turn until, with a loud and high-pitched moan, she came all over my fingers and fell asleep. Then I tucked her in on the couch and sneaked into my room, pulled out my large pink dildo, and fucked myself before turning over to sleep.


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