Blonde: Blonde Bombshell Kate is a Sexual Dynamo

So we’ve all heard of Blacked right? Well I know I have. As a BBC connoisseur, I of course, know of the popular porn series about pretty white women with BBC’s. Anyways I thought I’d try my hand at a similar theme. Introducing: Blonded. A series of sexual blogs where I tell you about all the ways I’ve blonde men in my life. How I snuck my way in and took what I wanted.

In this blog, I’m going to outline a few of the ideas I have. Any feedback would be great! I know this isn’t my kinkiest blog but I assure you the blogs to come…cum with blow your mind and maybe your load;). Anyways without further ado…a few of my ideas:

I thought I could do a focus series on the BBC’s I’ve been with. Which is a lot. Most of you know 85-90% of the men I’ve slept with have been black. If I can be “blacked” they can definitely be “blonde”. Right? I think so too and I know how you boys love hearing about my naughty BBC encounters. Trust me they are NAUGHTY!

I also thought I would do a focus on all the boys I fucked when I was a teenager. Young little Kate experiencing so many things for the first time and taking advantage of those boys simply for experience. Sounds perfect right? I think so too.

Next all of the men I’ve taken advantage of in my career. How I’ve used them to get ahead and all the wicked things I’ve gotten them to do! Sounds like even more fun doesn’t it? Super dirty and sexual!

I am quite naughty and wicked when I want to be and I thought this series is the perfect way to share these things with all of you. You’re going to love it I promise!

Hot Phone Sex!