The Bigger The Better


Tall dark and handsome has always been my favorite type of flavor. And I am not talking about white guys going from blonde to black hair. I want the real tall, dark and handsome. One that comes with a side of big black dick. A man with big hands, who’s rough with it and talks me through it. I’m a blonde BBC lover and all I have been craving lately is to be plowed until I can’t cum anymore. And then I met my new neighbor.

The minute I met Mike I knew I had to have him. He was just what I wanted in a man. Mike wore grey pants and showed off his dick print anytime he could. I knew he was down to fuck around with a blonde BBC lover. I invited Mike over on a random night last week. It was a bit out of nowhere but all day that day I had played with myself thinking of him. Of how good he would feel in my tight MILF holes. I needed Mike to fuck me hard and I was going to be blunt about it and beg for it.

I’m Just A Blonde BBC Lover

Mike showed up with those same grey pants. He came in and I lounged at him. At first he was confused and pulled back but I told him how I felt. Mikes cock was rock hard. I could see it through his pants. Mike pulled it out as he called me a slut. He knew I wanted him and it was a matter of time before he had me on my knees. His cock was perfect. I looked up at him with my pretty blue eyes as his dick hung on my face. I wrapped my hands around it, and I could still take it deep down my throat. Mikes cock was everything I had hoped.

Mike face fucked me. He made a mess out of me. Slobber was dripping down my chin and on to my big bare tits. Mike just kept face fucking me. He was not phased by my gagging in fact he loved it. He wanted more of it. I felt Mikes balls bouncing off of my chin. My throat had adjusted to his girth and my cunt was ready to be wrecked.

And I Needed Him Inside Me

Mike bent me over. My ass was up in the air, and face was pushed into my couch. Mike spat on my pussy. He ran his index finger down my slit and started playing with my clit. I begged Mike to fuck me. I needed his big black cock in me; I needed it! Mike held his dick up against my pussy and then asked me to back my ass on to it. I did.

He felt so good in me. I kept pushing back. Fucking my self like a blonde BBC lover.  I came on his cock as Mike called me his good white slut. Then, I took his load the only place a black man should cum. Can you guess where?

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