Blindfold me. Tie me up.

I love to have a blindfold placed over my eyes and please baby tie me up tight. It’s so sexy knowing that I am at your disposal and you can do with me as you please. I feel so helpless bound and naked on your bed just waiting for you. I can feel the soft red satin sheets on my back. My hair is flowing around me soft and curled. My nipples are hard, my pussy shaved and wet. The air smells like my sweet perfume and my sweet pussy. I am ready for whatever you have to give me.

I can hear you moving around the room, gathering objects for my pleasure and possibly my pain. Dildos, butt plugs, whips, chains, clamps, your favorite items to use on my body. I am anxious and I am ready for whatever you want to give and do to me. I want your mouth, and your hands, and your body, and your cock pressed against mine. My senses are heightened and I want you more than I ever have before with this blindfold on.

I am panting, my tits rising and falling. Suddenly you brush my nipple with your fingertips and I cry out with pleasure. It’s blissful to feel you finally touch me. All of my energy goes to the one spot and then quickly shoots down causing my pussy to flood. I know right then that I am yours and only yours. I want to feel your cock going down my throat over and over.

Take me to places I could never imagine. Let me feel you doing whatever you want to me. I am yours.

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