My best friend Becca is so tired of my slutty ways and decided to set me up on a blind date with a guy named Steven. If only she knew we would end up having a blind date fuck too. Feeling a little nervous but also excited to meet the guy. I wanted to look sexy for my date and decided to wear a sexy little black dress and some lace-up heels. My hair was in a cute little updo and I decided on a red silk thong. My heart was racing as I headed out to the restaurant to meet my blind date.

Showing up and giving them his name, I was shown to a table. Steven hadn’t arrived yet so I ordered a drink and decided to wait for him. Showing up halfway through my drink and he took my breath away. He was tall and had beautiful curly brown hair that fell into his sea-blue eyes. My heart started racing at how attractive he was. Immediately my mind went to taking him back to my place and having a hot blind date fuck. Looking me up and down as he gave me a hug and I knew he wanted to fuck me too.

We hit it off immediately and god was he great at steamy flirting. It didn’t take long for him to say he wanted to take me back to his place and fuck his tight young GFE. Steven got the check and we got a cab to head to his apartment. Making out with him during the ride and he decided to slide his hand under my dress and finger me in the back of the cab. He made me cum twice before we even arrived at his place and that had me only craving more of him. I wanted this blind date fuck so bad I was throbbing!

Blind date fuck fest was about to go down!

Making out on the elevator up to his apartment and down the hallway. Steven struggled to get the door open but as soon as we were through the clothes started to fly off. Dropping to my knees and taking his cock in my hand as I licked up and down his shaft. My pussy was throbbing for us to have our blind date fuck fest. Bobbing my head up and down his shaft, feeling him twitch against my tongue.

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off his cock, taking me out to his balcony and bending me over the rail. Pushing my legs aside and slamming his big hard cock in on one hard thrust. This blind date fuck was as hot as my phone sex. Steven started pounding in and out of my tight pussy. My moans echoing all around the apartment complex. I could feel my pussy tightening on his cock and my orgasm crashed through my body. “Fuck me harder!” I screamed out.

Steven did just that. He took this blind date fuck to the extreme and lifted up one of my legs. Holding it by my ankle and damn near having me over the balcony as he fucked me. I loved having him go primal with me and fuck me hard and fast. Fucking me deep and growling into me as he fucked me. Telling me he was about to cum in my pussy as he gripped me tightly and slammed his cock in deep. No better way to end a blind date fuck than a pussy full of cum!