Baby dick = blind date bust.

We were meeting up because I heard through friends that he had a baby dick he was ashamed of, and he heard I was the right person to tell him how pathetic it was. We met at the hotel bar. That night, I was wearing a black strapless dress that barely covered my ass, my tits were almost bursting out of the top. He was in a blue suit and had brown shaggy hair. Nothing special to look at.

On the phone he told me to bring my paddles, so I was excited to see where this was going.

He took one look at my sexy ensemble, and we didn’t even stop for drinks. We went in the room and I jumped right in.

“Take your clothes off, I want to see how small this dick really is,” I said.

He smiled, unbuttoned his pants, kicked off his shoes, and pulled it all off. I immediately laughed at the size of his baby dick, barely two inches long, and it was already hard.

“I can’t even imagine how SMALL that is when it isn’t hard” I managed to say in between laughs. Then I gathered myself, “Well, let’s not just dwell on how pathetic it is, are you ready for this?” I pointed towards my paddles. He nodded and pointed to my favorite one, a two-foot-long, thick shiny wooden paddle.
I turned around and bent his half-naked body face down over the edge of the bed, his tiny hard dick slapped the side. I leaned in close, my breath in his ear.
“Do you want me to spank you?” I whispered.
He shuddered, “I want you to spank me” he whispered back.
I stood up, clutching the long, hard paddle in my hand.
“What?” I raised my voice to a yell. “Your mistress asked you a question, speak UP, or is your small dick doing the talking?”
“I want you to spank me, please mistress,” he said barely audible.
I pulled my arm back halfway and swung the paddle. As the paddle made contact with his pale ass, it made a loud smack sound, mixed with his moans. It sounded amazing.
“Speak up this time, and maybe your mistress will be nice and only give you the half swing again.” I taunted him.
“Please mistress, spank me,” he said in an almost conversational voice.
“Not loud enough,” I said as I pulled the paddle back for a full swing…


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke